Slytherin (Printed Pants from Mint)

September 29, 2013

And it is Monday again! You might be wondering why I'm so happy even though it is start of the work week. Well, there are lots of reasons. First, today is payday again! End of the month pay though doesn't make me splurge because this is the time when I allocate most of my salary for paying the bills. But it is always good to know that at the end of the month, I am always able to fulfill my duties and responsibilities for my family. 

Second reason, I still have the high feeling after Shane's event at Podium yesterday! I will be posting about this tomorrow. But I just want to say that he was really amazing when he sang for us that day. And he is so good looking to!

Last reason, well it is the last day of September and I am totally excited for October because of Masskara Festival. That would be my first ever out of town festival so I can't really wait for that weekend! I'm pretty sure my friends and I are going to have fun celebrating with the locals. I promise that I'll also share a post about that.

Now on to my outfit. This is actually what I wore yesterday at the event. Well except the shades and the high heels of course.I won't be able to last the entire day wearing that 5-inch heels from Payless Shoe Source. Though I still love wearing it for my outfit shots. The color looks really good on photos right?

 yellow top Php200.00 (old) - Genevieve Gozum
printed pants Php720.00 (orig. price Php800.00) - Mint
necklace bought on sale Php99.00 - Celine
blue pumps Php1950.00 - Payless Shoe Source (Brash)
shades Php330.00 - Forever 21
bracelets Php50 each - Keos

I was planning on checking Mint store to see their latest collection because I see a lot of good items posted on their Twitter and Instagram accounts.  And currently, they have a contest wherein you can win a shopping spree worth Php3000.00 and one of the brand ambassadors (Sam Pinto, Xian Lim, and Gerald Anderson) will be joining the winner as their date. So I was really wondering if I could find a piece that will catch my attention, which will then make me want to join their promo.

Then I saw this pair of printed pants in one of their branches. I am not keen on buying pants (I prefer leggings over them) since being a pear-shaped makes it hard for me to find one that has a good fit. Then fortunately, this piece did! It was part of their latest collection so it will definitely be a valid entry for the contest. All of their new arrival items are also on 10% sale so instead of paying Php800.00, I only got this for Php720.00. The budget shopper in me was so happy!

Coming up with this look was really not that hard since the all the colors that I used are found on the print of the pants. I just made sure that even the accessories would make me look put together given that they complement the colors I used for the top, pants and shoes. What do you think of this look?

This is my entry for Mint's contest. They already uploaded this photo in their Twitter and Facebook Page. So if you are always online and you like my look for this post, you might want to help me win by retweeting my entry or liking the photo on their Facebook Page. The links are below:

Entry on Mint's Twitter: Entry on Mint's Twitter Account
Entry on Mint's FB Page: Entry on Mint's FB Page

Contest ends on October 6 so thank you to all those that will be kind enough to help me. Hope you are all having a great day. Let us all be productive for the last day of September!

Shane Filan (Westlife) is Here in Manila!

September 28, 2013

As someone who loves music, I am always excited whenever there are events that showcase artists that I like, may it be local or international. And it was really good news for me when I read online that Shane Filan of Westlife was scheduled to visit Manila for his latest album, "Everything to Me " Tour! I am not a big fan of Westlife, but I did appreciate some of their songs. And from the members of their group, I like Shane the most. I like the quality of his voice, and I admit that I find him good looking too! So on the first day of reservation for the event, I went to Megamall to reserve a pass. I was actually aiming for the VVIP for the photo opportunity but it was already sold out when I arrived at the store. I then decided to go to Podium and purchased Gold Section ticket instead. I was assured by the Astroplus Office that there will also be signing opportunity for this section before buying it by the way. Below are the items that I got last Wednesday:

He actually arrived last Friday and had his press conference in Megamall that afternoon. I was wondering how the event at Skydome today turned out. Well I'm pretty sure that Shane have given them a good show, which makes me more excited to see and hear him sing live tomorrow. I'm hoping that the weather will be a better one so I and the other fans will not have a hard time going to the venue. I'll definitely share photos this coming week so I hope you drop by my blog again. Have a good weekend!

Budget Outfit: Dunkin Donuts Inspired

September 25, 2013

Pink is not my favorite color. But as a girl, I am also drawn to things having that color. And for some time, I've always been safe with doing color combination with it. I only pair pink with black, or gray. Then eventually, i got inspired when i saw a billboard of Candie's where they used pink with blue for the model's outfit (Pleats and Prints). Then I tried being more playful by pairing it with green (Drawn to the Sea). There's also pink partnered with purple or yellow, which I'll try to explore eventually. But for now, I'm sharing something that all of us would have known to be a good combination for this girly color: pink and orange. And it has been the main colors of Dunkin Donuts the whole time!

Orange Top - Bench
Skirt Php200.00 - St. Francis Mall
Shoes Php1250.00 - Payless Shoe Source (Fioni)
Necklace - Cinderella

Since I bought this printed skater skirt from ST. Francis Mall, I already thought that it would be a good partner for my off-shoulder top from Bench. I got hooked with orange last year, and this is one of those items that I bought that time. I knew that it would be a good "pink and orange" look especially when you throw in this pair of peep toe heels from Payless Shoe Source that I posted yesterday. I want the attention to be focused on the color combination so I did not accessorize much except for this long necklace from Cinderella. What do you think of this look then? Are there any colors that you are comfortable wearing pink with? Don't hesitate to write your thought in the comments section. Have a great Wednesday!

Peep Toe Heels from Payless (Fioni)

September 23, 2013

Hello everyone! I know you've already seen this pair of peep toe heels from Fioni in this post, but I want to write an entire entry for this one since Payless actually has an ongoing sale that includes this particular design. They are now selling selected shoes at 50% off! Great deal indeed!

I'm not sure if it is happening in all of their branches, but the promo that I saw was in Robinsons Galleria. I got this pair for Php1250.00 two years ago, and paying half the price for this one is definitely a good buy! So, if you are on the hunt for a new pair of shoes, you might want to check the nearest Payless Shoe Source branch near you. Happy shopping then!

Budget Shopping at SM Department Store (Megamall)

Remember the Tee Culture shirts that I shared in this post? Actually, I bought other items the day I discovered that brand at SM Department Store. I know it has been a month but I kept the paper bag above my cabinet so I forgot to share them here in my blog. Anyway, below are some of the items that I bought. I got all of them for 50% off!

 Php300.00 (original price: Php699.75)

Since my current favorite pair of shoes are my yellow pumps from Payless (see the shoes here), I got attracted to this dress given the yellow details on it. I know that they will look good when worn together.

 Php250.00 (original price Php499.75)

Another printed number that I know will work well with the shoes and other clothes that I have in my cabinet. I can already picture that this skirt will be worn a lot of times haha!

Php350.00 (original price P699.75)

I am so happy that I bought this pink blazer from Redhead half the price! I already have a red one from the same brand so I was really targeting to buy in another color. Thank goodness for the sale.

I'm excited to do outfit posts wearing these items. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate this weekend so I can already accumulate photos for October posts. Have a great day!

Nail Art from Nailaholics Nail Salon and Spa

I love having long nails. I know you might think that it is weird to have long nails since I am a programmer, but I am already used to it that I feel weird when my nails are short haha! One of my friends even gave me "Sally Long Nails" as a nick way back. And given this fact, it is only inevitable that I will also be into nail polish. With all these new products and technologies that come up every now and then, who wouldn't right?

But having said all these, I only tried nail art in a nail salon once! I admit, I really find them pricey given that I know how to put nail polish by myself. But after trying one out, like the design below, I realized why they are priced that way. It is so tedious to do! Imagine, this design took the lady from Nailaholics more than one hour since every detail of it consisted of one tiny dot! She was really amazing while doing the art on all of my nails (Thank you again ate!).

 As for my review of the nail art of Nailaholics, I can say that the products that they use are really durable. I regularly wash dishes and hand wash some of my clothes, so I was happy that time that the polish last longer than I expected given my activities. I think that alone already made up for its price, which was Php420.00. I still find their designs limited though so you might want to check other nail arts online and provide a photo if ever you visit their shop.

I also love the ambience and the overall feel of their salon. It exudes a very comfy feeling that once you are there you will feel pampered already. And by the way, I also like that the girl (I already forgot her name since this nail art was done I think last December) was very light in handling my nails. I normally get cuts when someone does a manicure service given that the skin around my nails (as most staff told me) are too thin. I was comfortable the whole time while I was in Nailaholics.

I actually haven't visited any salon for a manicure for two months already because I was into preparing my own packed lunch that time (I enjoy cooking my own food!) and you know dish washing is the main enemy of nail polish. But I hope this month I can at least visit once. I miss having pretty nails already!

 Who among you are also into nail polish and nail art? Can you share where you normally avail these services? It would be fun to know who among the existing nail salons will get the most number of mentions. Good day everyone!

Mooncake Festival 2013

September 20, 2013

Aside from Chinese New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival or Mooncake Festival is another Chinese tradition that I look forward to every year. If you will search for information regarding this festival online (hello Wikipedia!), this is a festival where Chinese celebrate union of family or friends, the harvest, and also a time to pray for other concerns like babies, partner and good fortune. I've never attended an actual celebration aside from the events hosted during college, but I like this particular festival because of the main food: mooncake!

It is the food that is traditionally eaten during this festival. So  yesterday, my Facebook timeline was field with lots of photos of mooncakes. And from the past years, there are people (I have lots of Chinese friends) who are generous enough to give me one. And this year, one college friend, who also happened to be my officemate, gave me this:

 I'm sooooo happy that when I got back to my area, I found this mooncake on my table! I was even planning on buying one when we were at the mall for lunch earlier. Thank you so much again to my friend, Vicky,  for being thoughtful and generous to me today. I can't wait to eat it! 

By the way, if you are going to Mall of Asia this weekend, the Chinese Deli store Eng Bee Tin is having the Biggest Mooncake in the Philippines on display in the Main Mall (75 inches!) until September 22. Since I'm going there tomorrow, I'll make sure to check their display and I might buy some of their delicacies as well. 

Hope you didn't have a hard time going home today because of the weather. Have a great evening everyone!

Garterized Bracelets from Keos

September 17, 2013

Whenever I do my grocery at Rustan's Supermarket, I always drop by Keos' booth at Shangri-la Mall. Like I said before, Keos is a store that sells affordable accessories. And I often find myself enticed with their garterized bracelets and rings.

As much as I love to wear bangles, only few of them suit my thin arms so I don't normally buy the regular and very trendy ones. I just stick to those that are garterized or that can be adjusted when worn. And luckily, I found new additions to my growing collection of garterized bead bracelets from their store! These two pretty things only cost Php50.00 each. Not bad right? If only I could have them in all possible colors haha!

Are there any store, which sells bracelets for my size that you can recommend? I'm really interested to know so ladies like me will have more options when looking for this type of accessory. If ever the stores that you will mention are not hard to visit, I'll do a post listing them once I checked their shops, and I'll include your names to acknowledge you for your suggestions. Have a great day!

Budget Outfit: Stepford Wives

September 16, 2013

It's been raining nonstop these past few days and because of the weather, I'm having a hard time taking picture for my budget outfit posts. Would you believe that when my sister took these photos today before I left our house, it was actually raining hard? Good thing the photos turned out clear enough despite the weather. I've been wanting to write an entry about this dress that I bought from Tomato December last year, and at last I was able to do it!

polka dot dress P475.00 (50% off) - Tomato
color-blocked heels - Folded and Hung
connector ring - Forever 21

Has anyone watched Stepford Wives already? I haven't seen the movie actually. But when I wore this dress for the first time for our college get-together last December, one of my close friends told me that this dress reminds her of that film. I did search for the photos of the movie, and what I noticed was that the characters there were all into pretty printed dresses.

It was one of those sale events of Megamall for Christmas when I saw this dress in one of the racks of Tomato. I was actually hesitating to buy it at first since the size is XS. But fortunately, it can still fit my frame. I love how the dress makes me feel super girly whenever I'm wearing it. I think the last time I used it was a day before Valentine's Day haha! I really like the material and the lining of the dress, and having it for 50% off made my purchase all worth it. 

For today's look, I got my inspiration from the colors present in my Folded and Hung heels. Then I added this blue belt to put more accent to the outfit. As for the other accessories, I used my dainty connector ring from Forever 21 and then this pink plastic headband for more "Stepford Wives" feel.

I was thinking of showcasing a different look by wearing different belt and heels (like what I did in my previous outfit posts). Maybe I'll do it next week then. Anyway, I hope that you've all safely arrived your home and let's all ask for a better weather tomorrow so we won't have trouble going to work. Good night everyone! And always be safe :)

UAAP Cheerdance Competition 2013

September 15, 2013

Hello everyone! How did your Sunday go? I've spent my Sunday here at our house bonding with my siblings. Actually, we watched the UAAP Cheerdance Competition on Studio 23. You are now fully aware that I am a big fan of our basketball team in this league. But aside from watching basketball, Samsung Cheerdance Competition is an event I look forward every year in UAAP. Bad news is, as much as I want to support our pep squad by watching live, it is really hard to buy tickets for this event so I only get to watch it on TV. If I remember it right, I've only watched this competition live once, and that was thanks to a close friend of mine who was a cheerleader during our college years (she gave us tickets that time).

Photo from

If you are also watching the Cheerdance every year, you might also noticed really big improvements on the performances of the eight schools. I remember before that only few squads are brave enough to take risky routines and stunts. Even the concepts that they bring to the competition are getting interesting. I really hope that I can watch them perform live in the future.

The winnings schools for this year's Cheerdance are the following:
Champion - National University
1st Runner Up - University of the Philippines
Second Runner Up - De La Salle University

As for my ranking, I actually got all the three schools correctly. Although my rank for DLSU and NU got interchanged in terms of the actual result. I based my ranking on the overall concept and clean execution of routines. But the competition have a different criteria hence a different result.

Aside from our team, I was really excited to see UP Pep Squad's performance. They've been enjoying the championship title for the past three years and they are totally deserving being named as such for those years  (I still salute them when all the girls decided to shave their heads as part of their costume last year). They still delivered great performance earlier, although in terms of execution, they had few of those mistakes during the pyramids. Hence, I put them in the second spot for my ranking.

I was fascinated with the concept of DLSU Pep Squad this year. Aside from the fact that I like their costume, It felt like they had imbibe the military way through their moves. It added a certain level of swag if I might say. Some people thought that they still play it safe in terms of stunts. So maybe they can improve on that more next year. Anyway, they still got the third spot! Good job DLSU Animo Squad! I'm more than happy with what you've showcased this year.

To the winners of this year's Samsung Cheerdance Competition, congratulations again! Thank you for giving a good show this year. You have made us all proud :)

Green Peep Toe Heels from Parisian

September 13, 2013

It's weekend again! Do you have any plan on bonding with family or friends for today or tomorrow? Well for me, my only schedule for today is to be in MOA Arena to watch the UAAP Basketball game. It is already the last game of our school for the elimination round and I just want to show them my support again.

And since I'll be wearing something green again, I decided to share with you these gorgeous peep toe heels that I bought from Parisian last year! I won't be wearing them today in MOA Arena, but I just find it timely to share another green item since it is indeed going to be my color of the day. Aren't they lovely? I only paid Php1199.75 for this pair. I can't remember if I bought this item using my 10% discount voucher from my BDJ Planner. Anyway, I think it is still good deal given the price. I really love those tiny holes in different shapes all over the shoes. Plus add the gold detail in the heels part. It will definitely make any outfit chic and elegant when worn with these babies.

I hope all of us get to maximize the weekend and will be able to do everything in our To-Do  Lists. Have a wonderful Saturday!

Outfit Ideas: Wearing Printed Tube Dress with a Shrug

September 12, 2013

Here is the second look that I did with my ever colorful printed tube dress! I was itching to wear these pretty pumps that I got from Figlia (read my post about this pair) and then I got an idea to match them with this dress. If you will look at the dress more closely, you will notice that there are some thin brown lines on it, and that is where I got the inspiration to use brown for the look I am aiming. Good thing that I remembered this shrug that I have from my cabinet, which was last used years ago. And voila! A different look using the same dress!

I really feel happy whenever I come up with ideas on how to wear clothes in different ways. I am the type that do not hesitate to wear clothes multiple times as long as when it matters (like events that will entail lots of photos!), we just try to at least showcase them by doing a different look. Hope you learned something from my post today and yesterday. And since tomorrow is pay day again, I'm sure most of us are excited! Are your budget already set for the second half of September? Mine is already good, all I have to do is make sure that I stick with it haha! Great day to everyone!

Outfit Ideas: Wearing a Printed Tube Dress with a Long Blouse / Cardigan

September 11, 2013

Hello everyone! How was your week so far? We are now really busy in the office since we are nearing our project deadline and our schedule for next release was already sent to us! Anyway, I am still optimistic that everything will go by smoothly. And hopefully, I get to finish all of my tasks on time.

Now on to my real intention for this post. Remember the printed tube dress that I wore in this post? I was in the mood that day to experiment on two more looks using that particular dress. So for today, I'm gonna share the first look that I came up with.

 blouse P499.75 - Blush(SM Dept. Store)
printed dress P300.00-400.00 - St. Francis Mall
shoes P1250.00 - Payless (Comfort Plus)
ring - Forever 21

Actually, I wore exactly the same thing with the original outfit post. What I just did for this look was I added a high-low blouse (first seen here) that would look like a long cardigan over the printed dress. Note that the color of the blouse is in matches one of the colors that you can find on the dress. Then I wore my belt over the blouse to cinch it. By styling the dress like this, the outfit will look more appropriate to wear let's say for work or church. And it will also make you wear the same piece of clothing twice right? Hope you like the outfit that I shared with you today. I will post another look using this same dress tomorrow so hope you visit The Budget Fashion Seeker again. Have a great evening!

For my Filipino readers, I call this my "Ina Magenta" ring (one of my favorites from Forever 21)!

Visit to Sky Ranch Tagaytay

September 9, 2013

I mentioned in my post here that my family and I went to Sky Ranch for my birthday. And for today, I would like to share with you the photos that I have from that place. Sky Ranch is a commercial complex in Tagaytay that currently houses the Sky Fun Amusement Park. It is actually still under development since there are ongoing constructions of establishments in the property.  

There are only few rides in the park, with price ranging from Php50.00-Php150.00. But I didn't mind since I was only targeting to ride the Sky Eye, which was said to be the tallest ferris wheel in the country. I had this fascination with ferris wheels, which was then further heightened by the series Sherlock. If you are watching that show, they are showcasing the London Eye in the opening part and I already listed it under my long term goals haha! But for now, I'll be trying those that are within my reach. I'm happy that I finally tried Sky Eye, and I was with my family that time, making the experience more memorable. I hope I can try MOA eye soon, too!

Horseback riding is also available in Sky Ranch. And as for food, there are only food kiosks in Sky Ranch for now. But as I said earlier, I think they are already developing the are to have restaurants, etc. Hopefully, this complex, which is under SM Prime Holding Inc. will turn out to be a great family place in the future.

I hope my family and I can do visit more places in the future. We are not the bunch to always go out, unless we are going to a certain place for a food trip (my parents are skilled in the kitchen so we all are "magana" when it comes to eating). I've already written a list of target places (some you might find too simple) and I will do my best treat them to those places in the future. Wish me luck guys!

How about you? Have you visited a certain place with your family for the first time? Where did you go and how was the experience? I'm pretty sure it was fun too! Have a nice day!

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