Shane Filan (Westlife) is Here in Manila!

As someone who loves music, I am always excited whenever there are events that showcase artists that I like, may it be local or international. And it was really good news for me when I read online that Shane Filan of Westlife was scheduled to visit Manila for his latest album, "Everything to Me " Tour! I am not a big fan of Westlife, but I did appreciate some of their songs. And from the members of their group, I like Shane the most. I like the quality of his voice, and I admit that I find him good looking too! So on the first day of reservation for the event, I went to Megamall to reserve a pass. I was actually aiming for the VVIP for the photo opportunity but it was already sold out when I arrived at the store. I then decided to go to Podium and purchased Gold Section ticket instead. I was assured by the Astroplus Office that there will also be signing opportunity for this section before buying it by the way. Below are the items that I got last Wednesday:

He actually arrived last Friday and had his press conference in Megamall that afternoon. I was wondering how the event at Skydome today turned out. Well I'm pretty sure that Shane have given them a good show, which makes me more excited to see and hear him sing live tomorrow. I'm hoping that the weather will be a better one so I and the other fans will not have a hard time going to the venue. I'll definitely share photos this coming week so I hope you drop by my blog again. Have a good weekend!


  1. I hope the concert and the weather was fantastic! I would love to see some pictures!


  2. watched sis.. shocks. I am a fanof westlife, and indeed Shane has a really nice voice.. kakakilig.. ^^


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