HighOh Period Starter Kit Review

HighOh Period Starter Kit Review 1

Hi everyone! Today's post will be all about something that I was thinking of sharing but hesitant at first as I feel that it is a bit too personal/intimate of a topic. But the more I lean towards cruelty free and eco-friendly products/brands, I think it will be best to write and share this to everyone (especially to my fellow ladies).

Since May last year, I have already switched to reusable pads for my monthly cycle. I was hesitant at first as all my life, I was used to wearing disposable ones. I did my research on products, reading reviews and all, and finally made the leap! I have never worn a disposable pad since.

HighOh Period Starter Kit Review 2
Disclaimer: I got the products for free for review purposes. This is not a paid post.

I was about to buy my second kit last quarter of 2019 when the brand HighOh contacted me. It was really a good timing and once learning that their company was started by two hardworking women (who are sisters), I knew I would like to try their product.

HighOh Period Starter Kit Review 3

I was sent with the HighOh's Period Starter Kit , which costs $29.99. My initial thought was it was way too long for my needs. However, once I actually used it, I prefer this size now. I love the quality of the material they used. Remember this is already my second kit (I bought one from another brand) and I can really tell the difference. Also, the clasp was done better in my opinion as the pad does not move easily that way. Additionally, I love that all their pads are gray and black color that stains are not going to be an issue when washing. I normally just hand wash them first, and then include it in my delicate pieces in the washing machine at the end of the week. The bag that is included in the kit is a great addition, too! Overall for me, trying HighOh's Period Starter Kit is totally worth it with the quality vs. price.

HighOh Period Starter Kit Review 4

In summary, after almost ten months of using reusable pads and having tried HighOh's kit, I will definitely continue using these eco-friendly products. I never had any issue with stain even if I move a lot, or even travel. Washing and caring for them is not bad at all, too. Imagine how many trash I did not contribute for those ten months that I was not using disposable pads anymore. So if ever you still have hesitations, I hope you give this type of product a try. I'm sure you will not regret it!

HighOh Period Starter Kit Review 5

What do you think of HighOh's Period Starter Kit? Will you be willing to try wearing reusable pads such as this? Have a great day to all!

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