UAAP Cheerdance Competition 2013

Hello everyone! How did your Sunday go? I've spent my Sunday here at our house bonding with my siblings. Actually, we watched the UAAP Cheerdance Competition on Studio 23. You are now fully aware that I am a big fan of our basketball team in this league. But aside from watching basketball, Samsung Cheerdance Competition is an event I look forward every year in UAAP. Bad news is, as much as I want to support our pep squad by watching live, it is really hard to buy tickets for this event so I only get to watch it on TV. If I remember it right, I've only watched this competition live once, and that was thanks to a close friend of mine who was a cheerleader during our college years (she gave us tickets that time).

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If you are also watching the Cheerdance every year, you might also noticed really big improvements on the performances of the eight schools. I remember before that only few squads are brave enough to take risky routines and stunts. Even the concepts that they bring to the competition are getting interesting. I really hope that I can watch them perform live in the future.

The winnings schools for this year's Cheerdance are the following:
Champion - National University
1st Runner Up - University of the Philippines
Second Runner Up - De La Salle University

As for my ranking, I actually got all the three schools correctly. Although my rank for DLSU and NU got interchanged in terms of the actual result. I based my ranking on the overall concept and clean execution of routines. But the competition have a different criteria hence a different result.

Aside from our team, I was really excited to see UP Pep Squad's performance. They've been enjoying the championship title for the past three years and they are totally deserving being named as such for those years  (I still salute them when all the girls decided to shave their heads as part of their costume last year). They still delivered great performance earlier, although in terms of execution, they had few of those mistakes during the pyramids. Hence, I put them in the second spot for my ranking.

I was fascinated with the concept of DLSU Pep Squad this year. Aside from the fact that I like their costume, It felt like they had imbibe the military way through their moves. It added a certain level of swag if I might say. Some people thought that they still play it safe in terms of stunts. So maybe they can improve on that more next year. Anyway, they still got the third spot! Good job DLSU Animo Squad! I'm more than happy with what you've showcased this year.

To the winners of this year's Samsung Cheerdance Competition, congratulations again! Thank you for giving a good show this year. You have made us all proud :)


  1. Maganda din po yung pinakita ng Adamson. Congrats to NU! Ang linis po ng routine nila. (Di po ako taga NU & Adamson). HAHA! ^^

    1. hi maria! yeah, okay din yung burlesque concept ng adamson :)

  2. aw nakakamiss naman magattend ng mga ganito ^^ i remember always liking UP's routines. they are really good and creative with their uniforms :P

    1. I agree! I like UP pep squad as well. They are really brave in terms of their concept may it be their uniform or their routines. good thing second pa rin sila :)


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