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I have compiled a summary of the resources that I found useful in my blogging journey. All of the brands that I listed here are the ones I 'm still using to run my blogs and my business. Please note that some of the links that I provided are my affiliate links and if you use them during your purchase, I will earn a portion of the transaction. It will not cost you anything and it will just help me have additional funds to run my websites. If you have more questions regarding the affiliate links, please visit our disclaimer page Hope these information will help you if ever you decide to establish your brand or business. Happy reading!

What I Use to Run The Budget Fashion Seeker Website

Blogging Platform:

I created this website in 2011 and I'm still using for my hosting (I also bought my domain name via Blogger, which is registered using Google Domains). This is a free platform and I only pay the domain name annually to maintain this blog. I also paid a one time fee for my theme and below is the designer that I picked.

Blogger Theme Designer: Odd Themes

I used to just avail of free blogger templates that you can search online. However, some of the free ones have limited features, or would look wonky when you apply in your blogger website. It was only in 2019 that I decided to purchase a premium blogger theme and fortunately, I found Odd Themes via Etsy. Their themes are really pretty and somehow resemble that of Wordpress templates that I like. Also, they respond quickly when I ask questions regarding their products or my purchase. I already purchased two templates from Odd Themes by the way.

Legal Templates/Legal Bundle: A Self Guru

I finally take the plunge and bought a legal bundle for my websites! Thanks to Amira of "A Self Guru", I feel better with the legal aspect of my blogs given that I'm now a registered business. She has different legal bundle packages that I'm sure would be very helpful for your business, too! I purchased her premium bundle and it took me few minutes to edit them and placed them to my two websites. Feel free to check them out in the footer section. And if ever you are interested to buy her legal bundle as well for your business needs, feel free to use this link or the link below the image.

Click Here to Buy the Bundle

What I Use to Run My Blogs as a Business

Virtual Business Address:

When I registered my business as LLC, I needed to have an address, which is required by the state of Colorado for filing. I don't want to use our home address as these documents are viewable by the public so I did my research on what to do for the address. Luckily, I found and I have an annual plan with them. I was able to register my business properly and also have the business related mails go to that address. If you are interested to know more about iPostal1, click the image below or use this link.


Registered Agent: Colorado Registered Agent

Here in Colorado, it's also required that you have a registered agent when you file your business to the state. You can actually be your own registered agent or someone you know that will agree to take the role. However, it also boils down to the idea that you are going to make your information public. And this is the reason why I searched on companies that would be good as a registered agent. I ended up choosing Colorado Registered Agent as they are the most affordable that I found online ($35/year). Also, they customer support is really great (both phone and email) and they are very helpful when it comes to all the questions pertaining to having my business registered.

Self-hosted Wordpress Site

If you are interested in using self-hosted wordpress site, please refer to my other website Be Meatless, which is a vegetarian food blog. It has a blogging resources page that lists all the services and tools that I used in that website. Visit the page to see the details and my reviews fof the tools I use to run the website.

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