Budget Outfit: Stepford Wives

It's been raining nonstop these past few days and because of the weather, I'm having a hard time taking picture for my budget outfit posts. Would you believe that when my sister took these photos today before I left our house, it was actually raining hard? Good thing the photos turned out clear enough despite the weather. I've been wanting to write an entry about this dress that I bought from Tomato December last year, and at last I was able to do it!

polka dot dress P475.00 (50% off) - Tomato
color-blocked heels - Folded and Hung
connector ring - Forever 21

Has anyone watched Stepford Wives already? I haven't seen the movie actually. But when I wore this dress for the first time for our college get-together last December, one of my close friends told me that this dress reminds her of that film. I did search for the photos of the movie, and what I noticed was that the characters there were all into pretty printed dresses.

It was one of those sale events of Megamall for Christmas when I saw this dress in one of the racks of Tomato. I was actually hesitating to buy it at first since the size is XS. But fortunately, it can still fit my frame. I love how the dress makes me feel super girly whenever I'm wearing it. I think the last time I used it was a day before Valentine's Day haha! I really like the material and the lining of the dress, and having it for 50% off made my purchase all worth it. 

For today's look, I got my inspiration from the colors present in my Folded and Hung heels. Then I added this blue belt to put more accent to the outfit. As for the other accessories, I used my dainty connector ring from Forever 21 and then this pink plastic headband for more "Stepford Wives" feel.

I was thinking of showcasing a different look by wearing different belt and heels (like what I did in my previous outfit posts). Maybe I'll do it next week then. Anyway, I hope that you've all safely arrived your home and let's all ask for a better weather tomorrow so we won't have trouble going to work. Good night everyone! And always be safe :)


  1. Yes, very Stepford wives, cute! I have seen the movie with Nicole Kidman in it. I was supposed to do a post on it with the grocery scene (in the movie) to make a segue for my grocery outfit, haha.

    1. hi sis! So this dress can pass for stepford wives outfit haha! I hope I can watch the movie too :) It would be a good idea. I'll wait for that post then. good day!

  2. this dress looks 1960s :) pretty! :)

  3. i love the look! perfect! panalo ang red polka dot dress na eto!!! :)

  4. Uy, love that movie and yes, the Stepford wives' outfits. Glad you came up with this post! :)


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