Slytherin (Printed Pants from Mint)

And it is Monday again! You might be wondering why I'm so happy even though it is start of the work week. Well, there are lots of reasons. First, today is payday again! End of the month pay though doesn't make me splurge because this is the time when I allocate most of my salary for paying the bills. But it is always good to know that at the end of the month, I am always able to fulfill my duties and responsibilities for my family. 

Second reason, I still have the high feeling after Shane's event at Podium yesterday! I will be posting about this tomorrow. But I just want to say that he was really amazing when he sang for us that day. And he is so good looking to!

Last reason, well it is the last day of September and I am totally excited for October because of Masskara Festival. That would be my first ever out of town festival so I can't really wait for that weekend! I'm pretty sure my friends and I are going to have fun celebrating with the locals. I promise that I'll also share a post about that.

Now on to my outfit. This is actually what I wore yesterday at the event. Well except the shades and the high heels of course.I won't be able to last the entire day wearing that 5-inch heels from Payless Shoe Source. Though I still love wearing it for my outfit shots. The color looks really good on photos right?

 yellow top Php200.00 (old) - Genevieve Gozum
printed pants Php720.00 (orig. price Php800.00) - Mint
necklace bought on sale Php99.00 - Celine
blue pumps Php1950.00 - Payless Shoe Source (Brash)
shades Php330.00 - Forever 21
bracelets Php50 each - Keos

I was planning on checking Mint store to see their latest collection because I see a lot of good items posted on their Twitter and Instagram accounts.  And currently, they have a contest wherein you can win a shopping spree worth Php3000.00 and one of the brand ambassadors (Sam Pinto, Xian Lim, and Gerald Anderson) will be joining the winner as their date. So I was really wondering if I could find a piece that will catch my attention, which will then make me want to join their promo.

Then I saw this pair of printed pants in one of their branches. I am not keen on buying pants (I prefer leggings over them) since being a pear-shaped makes it hard for me to find one that has a good fit. Then fortunately, this piece did! It was part of their latest collection so it will definitely be a valid entry for the contest. All of their new arrival items are also on 10% sale so instead of paying Php800.00, I only got this for Php720.00. The budget shopper in me was so happy!

Coming up with this look was really not that hard since the all the colors that I used are found on the print of the pants. I just made sure that even the accessories would make me look put together given that they complement the colors I used for the top, pants and shoes. What do you think of this look?

This is my entry for Mint's contest. They already uploaded this photo in their Twitter and Facebook Page. So if you are always online and you like my look for this post, you might want to help me win by retweeting my entry or liking the photo on their Facebook Page. The links are below:

Entry on Mint's Twitter: Entry on Mint's Twitter Account
Entry on Mint's FB Page: Entry on Mint's FB Page

Contest ends on October 6 so thank you to all those that will be kind enough to help me. Hope you are all having a great day. Let us all be productive for the last day of September!


  1. love the color of this outfit ate! very bold, quirky and fun! :D

  2. Well, That outfit of your is really look goodon you.. swear... sexy look ^^

  3. love your look dear the pants and the shoes are pretty. hope you'll find a time to visit my blog and you might want to follow each other? =)


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