Visit to Sky Ranch Tagaytay

I mentioned in my post here that my family and I went to Sky Ranch for my birthday. And for today, I would like to share with you the photos that I have from that place. Sky Ranch is a commercial complex in Tagaytay that currently houses the Sky Fun Amusement Park. It is actually still under development since there are ongoing constructions of establishments in the property.  

There are only few rides in the park, with price ranging from Php50.00-Php150.00. But I didn't mind since I was only targeting to ride the Sky Eye, which was said to be the tallest ferris wheel in the country. I had this fascination with ferris wheels, which was then further heightened by the series Sherlock. If you are watching that show, they are showcasing the London Eye in the opening part and I already listed it under my long term goals haha! But for now, I'll be trying those that are within my reach. I'm happy that I finally tried Sky Eye, and I was with my family that time, making the experience more memorable. I hope I can try MOA eye soon, too!

Horseback riding is also available in Sky Ranch. And as for food, there are only food kiosks in Sky Ranch for now. But as I said earlier, I think they are already developing the are to have restaurants, etc. Hopefully, this complex, which is under SM Prime Holding Inc. will turn out to be a great family place in the future.

I hope my family and I can do visit more places in the future. We are not the bunch to always go out, unless we are going to a certain place for a food trip (my parents are skilled in the kitchen so we all are "magana" when it comes to eating). I've already written a list of target places (some you might find too simple) and I will do my best treat them to those places in the future. Wish me luck guys!

How about you? Have you visited a certain place with your family for the first time? Where did you go and how was the experience? I'm pretty sure it was fun too! Have a nice day!


  1. Wow! Ang cool naman po nitong Sky Ranch Ms. Sally! Looks like you had a great day! ^^

    1. Hi Maria! Okay naman yung place :) But for me, it might only be good to drop by Sky Ranch if you are somewhere near the area or if you have other plans in Tagaytay. Para maging sulit ang biyahe.

  2. Gusto ko din sumakay dyan, ang ganda!

    1. Grabe sis nalula ako haha! Pero yup, masaya yung ferris wheel. Next target ko na yung sa MOA eye :)


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