Budget Outfit: Dunkin Donuts Inspired

September 25, 2013

Pink is not my favorite color. But as a girl, I am also drawn to things having that color. And for some time, I've always been safe with doing color combination with it. I only pair pink with black, or gray. Then eventually, i got inspired when i saw a billboard of Candie's where they used pink with blue for the model's outfit (Pleats and Prints). Then I tried being more playful by pairing it with green (Drawn to the Sea). There's also pink partnered with purple or yellow, which I'll try to explore eventually. But for now, I'm sharing something that all of us would have known to be a good combination for this girly color: pink and orange. And it has been the main colors of Dunkin Donuts the whole time!

Orange Top - Bench
Skirt Php200.00 - St. Francis Mall
Shoes Php1250.00 - Payless Shoe Source (Fioni)
Necklace - Cinderella

Since I bought this printed skater skirt from ST. Francis Mall, I already thought that it would be a good partner for my off-shoulder top from Bench. I got hooked with orange last year, and this is one of those items that I bought that time. I knew that it would be a good "pink and orange" look especially when you throw in this pair of peep toe heels from Payless Shoe Source that I posted yesterday. I want the attention to be focused on the color combination so I did not accessorize much except for this long necklace from Cinderella. What do you think of this look then? Are there any colors that you are comfortable wearing pink with? Don't hesitate to write your thought in the comments section. Have a great Wednesday!


  1. I've always loved pink, so much that it was our motif when i got married paired with green para fresh :)

    1. wow really sis! nice naman! i'm sure everything turned out pretty :)

  2. love your skirt ate sally! :)) wow grabe, 200 lang! bargain!!! :DD


    1. hi rae! thank you! oo mahilig ako mag-ikot sa St. Francis para sa mga bargain items eh hehe..

  3. nalungkot ako sa first sentence "pink is not my fave color" huhu ^^ im kidding :P you look super girly sis i esp like your top :)

    1. hi shayne! haha! it is not my fave but i have lots of item in pink lol. thank you for liking the outfit :)


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