Outfit Ideas: Wearing Printed Tube Dress with a Shrug

Here is the second look that I did with my ever colorful printed tube dress! I was itching to wear these pretty pumps that I got from Figlia (read my post about this pair) and then I got an idea to match them with this dress. If you will look at the dress more closely, you will notice that there are some thin brown lines on it, and that is where I got the inspiration to use brown for the look I am aiming. Good thing that I remembered this shrug that I have from my cabinet, which was last used years ago. And voila! A different look using the same dress!

I really feel happy whenever I come up with ideas on how to wear clothes in different ways. I am the type that do not hesitate to wear clothes multiple times as long as when it matters (like events that will entail lots of photos!), we just try to at least showcase them by doing a different look. Hope you learned something from my post today and yesterday. And since tomorrow is pay day again, I'm sure most of us are excited! Are your budget already set for the second half of September? Mine is already good, all I have to do is make sure that I stick with it haha! Great day to everyone!


  1. shrug pala ang tawag dun :) nice outfit! - Vicky

    1. hi vicky! Thanks for visiting my blog (yey another close friend who wrote a comment here=) )
      yup, sabi bolero raw is more formal. nalaman ko lang rin upon searching the term bolero na shrug pala ang tawag dito hehe..


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