Buy One Get One(BOGO) Forever 21 accessories

January 31, 2014

These cute accessories were some of the items that I bought last week when I went shopping for Forever 21's Buy One Get One(BOGO) promo. I got both for only Php229.00. The ring was actually the higher priced item, the pair of earrings was only Php179.00. Do you know what made me more happy? It is the fact that those prices were already discounted! Forever 21  really knows how to capture a shopper's heart haha! I was not able to take photos of the other items that I bought but I' brought some of them with me for my trip so hopefully I can show outfit photos soon! Hope everyone is having a grand time enjoying yet another Philippine holiday. Great day to all!

Inside the Bubble (Outfit for Wicked)

January 30, 2014

It's been almost a week since I watched Wicked at CCP and yet here I am still humming the song "For Good" the entire day. I know that Defying Gravity is the most famous song of the play and I love it to bits as well, but for some reason, "For Good" made me emotional that night that I had this urge of wanting to learn it and eventually put it into my song list for of our karaoke nights.And who would ever forget that magical entrance of Glinda the Good, with her "bubble" (flying podium) floating around the stage. It was actually my favorite prop in the entire production and if only I could just experience it even for a moment! The toy wand and crown that I've been keeping at home will definitely be useful for that once chance haha! I will tell you more about the play on other post so for now, here is what I wore during that memorable day.

This bubble dress has been with me since 2007 and the thing is, I even forgot where I bought it. But I can still remember that I've only worn it during an event I attended that year for Singles For Christ (SFC). So I thought, why not put this into use again given the type of event that I am attending?

It was already in mind that we would be a little dressier than usual for the event but one point to consider was that the outfit should still allow us to commute hassle-free. And that's the reason why I thought that dress was a good choice. It has the right style and the right length for the occasion and I just wore my stylish necklace from Yhansi to add some colors to my outfit. Then I just stick to the pantone again by using my brown animal print flats from Payless Shoe Source. I wore my Tokyo Posh' hair extension again to have more impact given the dress. Do you think this length looks better on me rather than the short one?

I am so excited for my flight tomorrow! I hope that everything will go as plan and that I will have lots of good memories to take home afterwards. Is there anyone who is also scheduled for a vacation like me? Where are your feet taking you then? Enjoy the long weekend!

#LuckyChinaTownCNY2014: Race Towards Success 2014 at Lucky Chinatown Mall (Jan 17 - Feb 2)

It is very evident that I am not Chinese, but being surrounded by lots of Chinese friends since college made me appreciate and get excited to some of their traditions. I even had the chance to had a "Binondo Day" prior to the Chinese New Year of 2009 courtesy of a very thoughtful friend, Vicky. We spent an entire afternoon walking around Binondo to visit some temples, eat good food (we tried turtle soup, I'll never forget that experience) and even ride a kalesa! I really hope we can do something like that again. Or maybe I'll just ask them to have a simple food trip in Binondo without waiting for Chinese New year then.

I know that I won't be in Manila for the weekend but I still can't help but check some events prior to the occasion. And look what I've found online! Lucky Chinatown Mall is going to have a full schedule for  the entire weekend such as lion and dragon dance, feng shui consultation and opera show. Artists such as Jose Mari Chan (January 31 at 5pm) and Richard Poon (February 2 at 4pm) will also be there there to serenade mall goers. Now I am really feeling sad that I will not be there to see those two artists that I like. Anyway, I'll just keep in mind that everyone who will go there will have lots of fun! You can visit this link to see other available events for the said dates.

And before I end this post, here is a preview of what I wore when my roommate and I watched Wicked last Saturday. We saw this Ang Pao tree in Shangri-la Mall and I just can't help but took the opportunity to have a photo with it as a background. Those red envelops (ang pao) are really big that I felt giddy just by seeing them (I remember that the symbols are for goodluck). Hope we all have good fortunes and lots of blessings for Year of the Wooden Horse 2014. Happy Chinese New Year!

3 Day Sale @ Forever 21 SM North Edsa and SM Lanang Premier (Jan 31 - Feb 2)

January 29, 2014

Hi lovely ladies! If you live or work near SM North Edsa and SM Lanang Premier, Forever 21 will be having a 3-Day Sale starting tomorrow, January 31. I suggest that you check the shops if you are already okay with your February shopping budget because the last time I went to Megamall Branch, they are added more chic items that are below Php500.00. You will really be tempted to buy something if you have little self control haha! 

Also, today is the last day of their Buy One Get One promo (BOGO). This is actually the reason for my visit to Megamall Branch. I saw on Forever 21 Philippines' Instagram account that the vest/jacket that I wanted last year is already on sale and is under BOGO. I was really a happy budget shopper that day since I got two items for a discounted price of one vest. I will post the items that I bought soon and will prepare outfit posts wearing them.

It is the last day of work for this month for us since it is a holiday tomorrow! I wish I could go to any Chinese New Year event. But then I still have lots of things to do in preparation for my trip. Good thing one of my colleagues gave us tikoy so we can just have something related to the occasion for the 31st. Hope you are all having a grand time. Happy day to everyone and Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Dressale Valentine's Day Giveaway (Jan 20 - Feb 20)

January 28, 2014

February is just around the corner and knowing how Filipino and Chinese cultures are too intertwined, lot of people are expected to be busy for the celebration of Chinese New Year this weekend! But then again, us girls will have another occasion to think about roughly two weeks from now: Valentine's Day!

I know most of my friends who are in a relationship do not celebrate the occasion along with the everyone. But to be honest, event if I am single, I always look forward to that date. I may not have a romantic date but Valentine's Day never run out of events (hooray for concerts!) and other promos from different establishments. And yes, I do love to dress up to make myself feel pretty. 

So, to the lovely ladies who frequently reads my blog, is very kind enough to make me part of their latest promotion: Dressale Valentine's Day Giveaway! Here's a brief information of the establishment:  is an online fashion clothing store providing a wide range of high quality customer-made wedding dresses, wedding party dresses, special occasion dresses, shoes and other women clothing.  You can find all kinds of the dresses you need. The price is very reasonable for every dress, and they have flash sale, discount everyday. For more details you can come to their website.

I've actually known Dressale from some of the fashion bloggers that I know (both local and international) and I can say that they really offer nice dresses and shoes. I am currently looking at their offers for fashion bloggers, and if I am lucky enough, I will definitely share my experience with you here on my blog.

Going back to the promo, will be giving away these lovely dresses for this contest! All you have to do is follow these steps to enter their giveaway:

1. Register at Dressale:
2. Like Dressale on Facebook:
                or twitter:
3. Leave the comment under this post with your email address
4. Apply the dress at the Blog Giveaway Product:
5. Complete our survey







I personally like dress #2 and dress #4! If only I could join the contest haha! I do hope that at least one of the dresses above made you decide to join the giveaway. And if you already did, don't forget to write your email address at the comments section. I will totally appreciate it if you will follow the Budget Fashion Seeker on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. even if it is not part of the mechanics. Have a great day and goodluck to those who will join the contest!

BDJ Box Beauty Soiree: Nail Love - Revlon Nail Party Series

January 27, 2014

Good news dear bellas! Belle De Jour (BDJ) Box and Revlon are having a collaboration they will be hosting the first Revlon Nail Party Series!  To be honest, I am actually a little sad since I cannot attend this because I will be on a trip again that week. But if you are like me who love to doll up their nails, then this event is definitely for you. 

I first saw Revlon's Nail Art Collection last November, when my teammates and I were shopping for a birthday gift to our colleague who is fond of makeup and nail products. We ended up buying her one of their Nail Art Expressionist product. And I thought that it is something that is very easy to use especially those that are creative enough to do their own nail art (I am only comfortable doing french tips haha!). We were glad that Bel (the birthday girl) was happy with our gift.

Going back to the event, below are the images that show the mechanics for the event. I'm hoping that there will still be available slots by this time. And if ever anyone here was able to attend, may I request that you share some of the things that were taught during the nail party? Good luck to all who intend to join! Great day to everyone!

Fluffy Blankets from SM Surplus (Php150.00 each)

January 23, 2014

We have been experiencing a colder than usual weather at the start of January and it has been like this even up to present. But we are still lucky that the temperature is just about right for us to not use our electric fans or air conditioning units as we stay in bed longer than our usual hours. And for this reason, my mother requested me to buy some new blankets at home. I already shared with you one of the blankets that I bought that day (read my post here). The other type of blankets that I bought are these fluffy ones from SM Surplus.

I was actually attracted with the price, but when we touched the item, it was really super soft that it felt like one roll was a stuffed toy! My sisters were the ones who chose the blankets (each design differs in their softness). I bought two since it was only Php150.00 each. I know that I bought it for my family to use, but whenever I remember how it felt in my hands, it was like I wanted one for myself too! Too bad I already bought a travel blanket + pillow for myself(which will be put into use next week!). Maybe if it still available when I go shopping next time. 

Tomorrow is Friday again! Anyone of you who have plans tomorrow night or this weekend? I am actually excited for Saturday to come since it means that we are going to see Wicked finally! We've been waiting for it for months and I hope that we will be in for a great show. Also, I hope that my roommate and I will be lucky enough to have our photos taken with the cast. That will be absolutely fun! Just thinking about it made me miss my experience during Phantom in Manila though. Anyway, I'll try my best to share some photos on that day so do drop by The Budget Fashion Seeker again. Great day to all!

Diamonds and Triangles

January 22, 2014

I think this is the most budget-friendly ensemble that I ever came up with. the skirt and the shirt were bought from Edsa Central Mall and St. Francis Square Mall and I only paid Php100.00 for each. So my entire outfit is just Php200.00! I think this can already work for your stroll in the mall or when you are out with your girl friends. The combination is very comfortable but the colors made it chic and eye-catching. I just added this girly necklace to add more feminine touch to my overall look.

The photos were not that clear but I was wearing my Fuchsia Fever lipstick from Maybelline (read it here). I am so in love with this lipstick that I want to wear it everyday! If you are watching the series "Arrow", one of the characters there named Felicity Smoak inspired me to buy a lipstick with this color.

We are already nearing the end of January! Can you believe how fast time flies. It feels like it was just yesterday when we celebrated the New Year. Anyway I'm still good since I am really that excited for February because that means it is time for my scheduled trips! Hopefully I can take lots of photos for the duration of my vacation. Hope you are all having a good day! 

shirt Php100.00 - St. Francis Square Mall
skirt Php100.00 - Edsa Central Mall
flat sandals Php537.00 - Payless Shoe Source

Beauty Clutch from E.L.F. (makeup palette)

January 20, 2014

Remember my post about Avon's Color Fold-Up Palette? I found another product similar to it, which is in the same price range: e.l.f.'s Beauty Clutch. I saw this at SM Department Store last January 12 and thought of taking some photos that I can share here in my blog (I did not buy one since just recently purchased a palette).

The good points that I saw with this makeup palette is the cute packaging, hence the name. It is not bulky so girls who love to travel will find this very useful. And for the price of Php590.00, you already get 32 eye shadow colors, 6 lip colors,3 dual-ended eye shadow applicators, 2 blushes, 1 bronzer, 1 face shimmer, 1 eyebrow powder, and 1 eyebrow cream. Amazing deal right? 

I am currently reading reviews online about this palette and if ever you have already bought and tried it, feel free to write your thoughts below. Have a great day!

Lady in Red (Leggings)

January 17, 2014

I've worn this printed top from Crissa numerous times already, but this is the first time that I wore it with a pair of red leggings. Actually, I had this leggings for more than a year, but I already forgot about it since I left it our house. I just saw it again when I was cleaning my room and thought of using it in one of my outfit posts and this was what came to my mind. 

What I really love about the top is that it is very comfortable to wear and I can even style it in such a way that it will be fit as an office outfit. But for this set, I just chose to stick with red and blue (the blouse is actually navy blue) and I was happy with how the top and the leggings highlight each other.

I am not sure if any of you noticed but I am totally happy with how my eyebrows look in the photos! I used Etude House's Easy Brow Pencil here, which is currently my daily pencil since I am that satisfied with the outcome. The product comes with a brush on one end so it is very convenient to use. It is very budget-friendly too since it only costs Php128.00. 

It is the feast of Sto. Nino again! Anyone of you who are from the provinces that celebrate this feast? I have never been to Sinulog in Cebu and Ati-Atihan in Aklan, but still, I am able to celebrate this occasion in a small town in Manila where I grew up. We still go there every year as much as possible so as to visit our relatives there as well. I am excited to watch the parade again, which takes place tomorrow and I hope I can share some nice photos here in my blog. I can still remember the time when I was part of that parade during my elementary days (I was playing lyre back then for our school). Hopefully I get to see some of my old time friends too! I hope you are all having an awesome Friday! Take care everyone!

printed top Php400.00+ (sale) - Crissa
leggings Php100.00 (sale) - Accessorize
shoes - C Women
bracelet Php50.00 - bazaar

Homeworld Grand Clearance Sale @ Megatrade Hall (Jan 17-19)

January 15, 2014

I know that this might be another temptation for most of us, especially that payday was just yesterday. But in case you are at the time of the year when you buy new things for your home, then this sale is beneficial for you. I've been to a lot of Homeworld sale before (I bought a rice cooker and a number of bed sheets before) and I can say that they really give great deals especially on furniture and appliances. So be prepared to be bumping with lots of people and seeing long lines at the counter. I always check the prices of sofa beds during sale events like this so I might also go there on one of the dates. And if ever you went there and bought something, feel free to share it here by commenting below. It is always good to know what my readers are interested in. Happy shopping to all!

Tokyo Posh at Powerplant Mall, Rockwell

January 14, 2014

It was January 4 when I decided to buy one of the hair extensions of Tokyo Posh, a lovely brand that I encounter during the Belle de Jour Fair. I think they have been launched years ago and I am glad that I knew them last year. During the event, I was able to try on their extension called "Ebi Chan", which is a long curly one (see the photo here). But then I thought that it is too long given the current length of my hair. I visited their official website and thought that "Jessica" will suit me well. In short, i was really on a mission that day: I wanted to have a way to have a different hairstyle while I am on the process of growing out my hair.

This is how the store in Rockwell looked like. I totally love how neat and girly the pink and white motif is to the eyes. I felt like I was also a celebrity when Joanne, the very friendly staff of the shop was assisting me. She actually had a hard time blending my hair at first with the extension, but she still took her time to iron and curl the ends of my real hair to achieve the normal hair look with the extensions. I thanked her for her work and I went home as a happy customer.

This is how they packaged the hair extension. Jessica costs Php2950.00, but since I used my voucher from Belle de Jour Planner, I only paid Php2400.00 for it (thanks BDJ!) you might think that this is pricey, but I am just viewing it as the price that I have to pay if I am going to maintain my short hair. I know it will grow soon but for now, I will be enjoying the perks of being dolled up by this product.

The back side of the extension consist of net and 5 mini hair clips that are used to attached the product to your real hair. I am getting more comfortable in doing it myself after few days. I was not able to have photos on how I do it, but basically you just have to do a half pony tail (tie the lower part) and then attached the 5 clips under the upper part then finger comb to blend your real hair to the extension. To visualize it more, feel free to visit Tokyo Posh's website since they also provided a guide there.

What I love about this hair extension is that when they are attached, my colleagues say that it looks real since the color matches my real hair. And the fact that I can choose to be short-haired on any day makes it more exciting right? Some of my friends are already asking me about details of this hair extension and I do hope that they will be able to try it too! You can always visit any of their branches if you just want to see how it looks on you first. And the owner is very friendly too! I was able to have a short chat with her on Instagram and she said that they will be opening a branch in Megamall soon. I was so happy with that news! Hope I can really talk to her on the opening day (yes, I am always happy to meet business owners since I want to have my own business someday). I'll update you in terms of the details on that and if you are free maybe we can do short meet up too right? I think they will be having nice discounts on their products too. So see you girls? Have a great Wednesday!

Travel Blanket + Pillow from SM Department Store (Php349.75)

January 12, 2014

I'm pretty sure that the product that I am featuring for today will definitely be appreciated by people who love to travel (or even those who love to have unique items home): the Travel Blanket + Pillow from SM Department Store. I first saw this on display last December 10 and since I knew that it will be useful to my future trips, I bought one right there and then. I chose the one with dotted green design since I was told that that the dotted ones do not fade easily when washed unlike the others. One blanket/pillow costs Php349.75, which for me is already a good price for a dual purpose product.

My mother asked me to buy new blankets so I thought that it would be nice if she will have one of these, too. I know that she's not a fan of comforters since it is really difficult to wash, so I think the thickness of this blanket will just suit her. I chose the dotted yellow blanket/pillow this time.

This product is actually very easy to use. You just have to unzip the sides, then unfold the blanket inside. It only weighs 600 grams so you won't have a hard time carrying it around. I am actually excited to use mine for my upcoming trip. I think there are only few of these in the mall so if you are interested to have one, hurry and go to the nearest SM mall! Hope you all had a happy weekend!

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