Travel Blanket + Pillow from SM Department Store (Php349.75)

I'm pretty sure that the product that I am featuring for today will definitely be appreciated by people who love to travel (or even those who love to have unique items home): the Travel Blanket + Pillow from SM Department Store. I first saw this on display last December 10 and since I knew that it will be useful to my future trips, I bought one right there and then. I chose the one with dotted green design since I was told that that the dotted ones do not fade easily when washed unlike the others. One blanket/pillow costs Php349.75, which for me is already a good price for a dual purpose product.

My mother asked me to buy new blankets so I thought that it would be nice if she will have one of these, too. I know that she's not a fan of comforters since it is really difficult to wash, so I think the thickness of this blanket will just suit her. I chose the dotted yellow blanket/pillow this time.

This product is actually very easy to use. You just have to unzip the sides, then unfold the blanket inside. It only weighs 600 grams so you won't have a hard time carrying it around. I am actually excited to use mine for my upcoming trip. I think there are only few of these in the mall so if you are interested to have one, hurry and go to the nearest SM mall! Hope you all had a happy weekend!


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