Inside the Bubble (Outfit for Wicked)

January 30, 2014

It's been almost a week since I watched Wicked at CCP and yet here I am still humming the song "For Good" the entire day. I know that Defying Gravity is the most famous song of the play and I love it to bits as well, but for some reason, "For Good" made me emotional that night that I had this urge of wanting to learn it and eventually put it into my song list for of our karaoke nights.And who would ever forget that magical entrance of Glinda the Good, with her "bubble" (flying podium) floating around the stage. It was actually my favorite prop in the entire production and if only I could just experience it even for a moment! The toy wand and crown that I've been keeping at home will definitely be useful for that once chance haha! I will tell you more about the play on other post so for now, here is what I wore during that memorable day.

This bubble dress has been with me since 2007 and the thing is, I even forgot where I bought it. But I can still remember that I've only worn it during an event I attended that year for Singles For Christ (SFC). So I thought, why not put this into use again given the type of event that I am attending?

It was already in mind that we would be a little dressier than usual for the event but one point to consider was that the outfit should still allow us to commute hassle-free. And that's the reason why I thought that dress was a good choice. It has the right style and the right length for the occasion and I just wore my stylish necklace from Yhansi to add some colors to my outfit. Then I just stick to the pantone again by using my brown animal print flats from Payless Shoe Source. I wore my Tokyo Posh' hair extension again to have more impact given the dress. Do you think this length looks better on me rather than the short one?

I am so excited for my flight tomorrow! I hope that everything will go as plan and that I will have lots of good memories to take home afterwards. Is there anyone who is also scheduled for a vacation like me? Where are your feet taking you then? Enjoy the long weekend!


  1. Wow in school once I joined theater arts and performed some songs from Wicked. "For Good" was my favoritee! :D

    by the way, would you like to send some frequently asked questions for my new faq page? I need some people to formulate questions about my blog so if you could, it would make me really happy :)) thanks for the help!

    xoxo Jillian

    1. hi jillian! nice to hear that you were able to perform Wicked songs before. It will be fun to do that if it were me :)

      sure i'll visit your blog for the faq. have a nice day!

  2. :) yey for the outfit post and wicked! :)

    1. I'm yet to post our photos Tin! thanks for being my buddy that day :)

  3. You look so lovely sis! and the hair - so sweet and girly :)

  4. The dress is so pretty. And yes, the longer tresses completes the look. Love your outfit sis! ^_^


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