#LuckyChinaTownCNY2014: Race Towards Success 2014 at Lucky Chinatown Mall (Jan 17 - Feb 2)

It is very evident that I am not Chinese, but being surrounded by lots of Chinese friends since college made me appreciate and get excited to some of their traditions. I even had the chance to had a "Binondo Day" prior to the Chinese New Year of 2009 courtesy of a very thoughtful friend, Vicky. We spent an entire afternoon walking around Binondo to visit some temples, eat good food (we tried turtle soup, I'll never forget that experience) and even ride a kalesa! I really hope we can do something like that again. Or maybe I'll just ask them to have a simple food trip in Binondo without waiting for Chinese New year then.

I know that I won't be in Manila for the weekend but I still can't help but check some events prior to the occasion. And look what I've found online! Lucky Chinatown Mall is going to have a full schedule for  the entire weekend such as lion and dragon dance, feng shui consultation and opera show. Artists such as Jose Mari Chan (January 31 at 5pm) and Richard Poon (February 2 at 4pm) will also be there there to serenade mall goers. Now I am really feeling sad that I will not be there to see those two artists that I like. Anyway, I'll just keep in mind that everyone who will go there will have lots of fun! You can visit this link to see other available events for the said dates.

And before I end this post, here is a preview of what I wore when my roommate and I watched Wicked last Saturday. We saw this Ang Pao tree in Shangri-la Mall and I just can't help but took the opportunity to have a photo with it as a background. Those red envelops (ang pao) are really big that I felt giddy just by seeing them (I remember that the symbols are for goodluck). Hope we all have good fortunes and lots of blessings for Year of the Wooden Horse 2014. Happy Chinese New Year!

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