Tokyo Posh at Powerplant Mall, Rockwell

It was January 4 when I decided to buy one of the hair extensions of Tokyo Posh, a lovely brand that I encounter during the Belle de Jour Fair. I think they have been launched years ago and I am glad that I knew them last year. During the event, I was able to try on their extension called "Ebi Chan", which is a long curly one (see the photo here). But then I thought that it is too long given the current length of my hair. I visited their official website and thought that "Jessica" will suit me well. In short, i was really on a mission that day: I wanted to have a way to have a different hairstyle while I am on the process of growing out my hair.

This is how the store in Rockwell looked like. I totally love how neat and girly the pink and white motif is to the eyes. I felt like I was also a celebrity when Joanne, the very friendly staff of the shop was assisting me. She actually had a hard time blending my hair at first with the extension, but she still took her time to iron and curl the ends of my real hair to achieve the normal hair look with the extensions. I thanked her for her work and I went home as a happy customer.

This is how they packaged the hair extension. Jessica costs Php2950.00, but since I used my voucher from Belle de Jour Planner, I only paid Php2400.00 for it (thanks BDJ!) you might think that this is pricey, but I am just viewing it as the price that I have to pay if I am going to maintain my short hair. I know it will grow soon but for now, I will be enjoying the perks of being dolled up by this product.

The back side of the extension consist of net and 5 mini hair clips that are used to attached the product to your real hair. I am getting more comfortable in doing it myself after few days. I was not able to have photos on how I do it, but basically you just have to do a half pony tail (tie the lower part) and then attached the 5 clips under the upper part then finger comb to blend your real hair to the extension. To visualize it more, feel free to visit Tokyo Posh's website since they also provided a guide there.

What I love about this hair extension is that when they are attached, my colleagues say that it looks real since the color matches my real hair. And the fact that I can choose to be short-haired on any day makes it more exciting right? Some of my friends are already asking me about details of this hair extension and I do hope that they will be able to try it too! You can always visit any of their branches if you just want to see how it looks on you first. And the owner is very friendly too! I was able to have a short chat with her on Instagram and she said that they will be opening a branch in Megamall soon. I was so happy with that news! Hope I can really talk to her on the opening day (yes, I am always happy to meet business owners since I want to have my own business someday). I'll update you in terms of the details on that and if you are free maybe we can do short meet up too right? I think they will be having nice discounts on their products too. So see you girls? Have a great Wednesday!


  1. The hair extensions are pretty cool! I think that would be a fun thing to have! The store looks so lovely too!


  2. Hi! This is very helpful! I'm also growing out my hair and it's in an awkward stage so I guess this is a must! :)


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