Fluffy Blankets from SM Surplus (Php150.00 each)

We have been experiencing a colder than usual weather at the start of January and it has been like this even up to present. But we are still lucky that the temperature is just about right for us to not use our electric fans or air conditioning units as we stay in bed longer than our usual hours. And for this reason, my mother requested me to buy some new blankets at home. I already shared with you one of the blankets that I bought that day (read my post here). The other type of blankets that I bought are these fluffy ones from SM Surplus.

I was actually attracted with the price, but when we touched the item, it was really super soft that it felt like one roll was a stuffed toy! My sisters were the ones who chose the blankets (each design differs in their softness). I bought two since it was only Php150.00 each. I know that I bought it for my family to use, but whenever I remember how it felt in my hands, it was like I wanted one for myself too! Too bad I already bought a travel blanket + pillow for myself(which will be put into use next week!). Maybe if it still available when I go shopping next time. 

Tomorrow is Friday again! Anyone of you who have plans tomorrow night or this weekend? I am actually excited for Saturday to come since it means that we are going to see Wicked finally! We've been waiting for it for months and I hope that we will be in for a great show. Also, I hope that my roommate and I will be lucky enough to have our photos taken with the cast. That will be absolutely fun! Just thinking about it made me miss my experience during Phantom in Manila though. Anyway, I'll try my best to share some photos on that day so do drop by The Budget Fashion Seeker again. Great day to all!


  1. Currently using one right now. So fluffy and warm. We also gave those as gifts to friends last Christmas, I hope they're using it now and enjoying the cool weather.

  2. oooo im so inggit :3 let me know how nice the play is :) sayang hindi ko sya mapapanood. have fun this weekend!


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