Dressale Valentine's Day Giveaway (Jan 20 - Feb 20)

February is just around the corner and knowing how Filipino and Chinese cultures are too intertwined, lot of people are expected to be busy for the celebration of Chinese New Year this weekend! But then again, us girls will have another occasion to think about roughly two weeks from now: Valentine's Day!

I know most of my friends who are in a relationship do not celebrate the occasion along with the everyone. But to be honest, event if I am single, I always look forward to that date. I may not have a romantic date but Valentine's Day never run out of events (hooray for concerts!) and other promos from different establishments. And yes, I do love to dress up to make myself feel pretty. 

So, to the lovely ladies who frequently reads my blog, Dressale.com is very kind enough to make me part of their latest promotion: Dressale Valentine's Day Giveaway! Here's a brief information of the establishment:

http://www.dressale.com/  is an online fashion clothing store providing a wide range of high quality customer-made wedding dresses, wedding party dresses, special occasion dresses, shoes and other women clothing.  You can find all kinds of the dresses you need. The price is very reasonable for every dress, and they have flash sale, discount everyday. For more details you can come to their website.

I've actually known Dressale from some of the fashion bloggers that I know (both local and international) and I can say that they really offer nice dresses and shoes. I am currently looking at their offers for fashion bloggers, and if I am lucky enough, I will definitely share my experience with you here on my blog.

Going back to the promo, Dresssale.com will be giving away these lovely dresses for this contest! All you have to do is follow these steps to enter their giveaway:

1. Register at Dressale:http://www.dressale.com/
2. Like Dressale on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dressale
                or twitter: https://twitter.com/dressale
3. Leave the comment under this post with your email address
4. Apply the dress at the Blog Giveaway Product: http://www.dressale.com/free_trials.html
5. Complete our survey https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/7XNRLH5







I personally like dress #2 and dress #4! If only I could join the contest haha! I do hope that at least one of the dresses above made you decide to join the giveaway. And if you already did, don't forget to write your email address at the comments section. I will totally appreciate it if you will follow the Budget Fashion Seeker on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. even if it is not part of the mechanics. Have a great day and goodluck to those who will join the contest!


  1. Done! :D venusemv@gmail.com is the email I used.

    Thanks Sally! :)

  2. Congrats Sally! Level up ah. ^_^ Will join the giveaway later and comment (again) when I do. Anywho, I see you overhauled your blog layout. Really nice!

  3. wow (off topic...) you changed your blog's layout!!! good job! really neat and professional looking! :) ♥ it! :)


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