El Nido Teaser

November 30, 2013

Hi everyone! How are you guys doing?  I am still on vacation right now, enjoying the sand and the water. I am really excited to share with you how my current beach trip went, but since i am only using my phone to post this, I'll just share some teaser photos. I can't wait to be back in Manila on Monday! Anyway, hope you are all enjoying your weekend. Anyone who went to the Mind Museum event? Feel free to share how you spent your Saturday okay? Have a great day!

Why Should Pinoys Bother with Science?: An Invitation from The Mind Museum

November 27, 2013

It is Friday again! Did you already plan anything in particular this weekend? If not, you might want to check out this event from The Mind Museum. This is for tomorrow, November 30 at 4:00pm and the forum will be very timely since our country have been experiencing a lot of natural calamities lately. I would love to go to this event since I haven't been to the Mind Museum yet (and this event is for free!) but unfortunately, my flight back to Manila is still on Monday. It would be fun if you could attend instead and then share your experience with me afterwards (you can write your blog links in the comment section). Oh and by the way, some of my blogger friends will be there too so I hope you say hi to them if you will attend this event. I'll be looking forward to your stories about this forum! Have a great day!

Why should Pinoys Bother with Science?

A relevant topic given the recent natural events that affected the Philippine nation. Help us in building our nation's scientific culture.  More details below.

Cafe Scientifique is a world-wide movement to bring science closer to the public through conversations.

#CafeScientifique presents: 

Have an extraordinary educational experience this November!

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Yellow Connection

I've been wanting to use this pair of leggings for some time now and I haven't been able to think of a nice outfit with it until last weekend, when I was coming up with ways to style this white top for my "one item for three looks" series. I was on the verge of going all out with dark tones using bronze and brown when I got the idea of injecting color yellow by utilizing this awesome necklace from Celine. The colors on this necklace have been a good inspiration for me to come up with an outfit with enough hint of colors whenever I find certain piece of clothing (in this case the leggings) hard to style. And once yellow color has been present, the use of other pieces such as this yellow ring from St. Francis and pumps from Payless Shoe Source became inevitable. What do you think of this look?

top Php200.00 - Iloilo
printed leggings Php300.00 (orig. price: Php599.75) - Soiree (SM Department Store)
shoes Php1250.00 - Payless Shoe Source (Comfort Plus)
necklace Php99.00 (sale) - Celine Accessories
ring Php50.00 - St. Francis Square Mall
sunglasses Php350.00 (sale) - Dickies

This is the last set of photos that I have for this series and I do hope that I was able to inspire you on how to style a simple piece such as this time into different looks. For me, part of being a budget fashion seeker is knowing how to maximize certain items the moment you buy it. And I will try to have this concept every month to give you ideas every now and then.

Today is actually my last work day for the week since my officemates and I will be on vacation! I am really excited for this trip and I am going to share photos as soon as we arrived at our destination. I'll be updating through twitter and instagram so if ever you are interested to see my updates, feel free to follow my account (@imsallymae for both). Happy Thursday to all!

Soft Colors

November 26, 2013

Here is the second look that I came up with using this white top that I bought from Iloilo. I thought of going safe and soft this time around hence the use of this cute peach skirt I bought from Forever 21 last year. The first time that I actually wore this outside was during our second night in Bacolod. Though I was wearing a different top that time. And so as not to veer away from my intended tone for this ensemble, I used this heeled sandals from SM Parisian and accessorized using this long necklace (I am not sure if this is from Pinkbox, I forgot already) and this cute ring from Penshoppe. I still wore my sunglasses here since I was so lazy to put on even light powder that day (I only wore lipstick that I don't think is even visible haha!). I think I can wore this on an evening with my girl friends. I just have to bring something like a jacket or trendy blazer so as to avoid feeling cold inside the resto/bar. What can you say about this look? 

I still have one last outfit for this set wherein I utilized this white top for three different looks. Hope you visit again for that one. Have a great day!

top Ph200.00 - Iloilo
skirt - Forever 21
sandals - SM Parisian
sunglasses Php350.00 (sale) - Dickies
ring Php129.00 - Penshoppe

Skater Girl

November 24, 2013

 Hello everyone! I know it's been a while since I shared an outfit of the day post. And since I was able to spend my weekend at our house, I made sure to come up with at least three ensemble that I can share for you this week. Actually, I intended to do another "Threebies". Yes, I will borrow Forever 21's term for now until I can think of something that would best represent this purpose: having one item of clothing that I will style in three ways. So the item that I chose for this week's Threebies is this white top that I bought from Iloilo.

top Php200.00 & necklace Php100.00 - one of the stalls in Iloilo Bazaar
skirt Php200.00 (sale) - St. Francis Square Mall
shoes P1499.50 - So Fab!
ring Php245.00 - Forever21
sunglasses Php350.00 (sale) - Dickies

My friend who is based in Iloilo was touring me the entire day when we went to a place that has an ongoing bazaar. I ended up buying three items: the white top and the pink necklace, and a printed dress that I wore here.  I ended up wearing this outfit during our first night party at Lacson Street. I love how the necklace pop from the entire ensemble, yet blended well with the print on the skirt. I want to be able to move freely with and just maintain the focus to the necklace, so I opted to just add one of my favorite rings, which is my Ina Magenta ring from Forever 21.

I was not wearing this pair of peep toe heels from So Fab! when I was in Bacolod (I only bring slippers to be honest). But for the purpose of this post, I think this particular pair was a good choice to break the pink/white tone of the outfit.

One more week and we are almost on the last month of 2013! Are you excited for Christmas already? My parents already setup our three-year old Christmas tree (I can't believe it was that long ago when I bought it) when I got home Friday night. They even put up the Christmas lights that we have outside our house. Time really flies fast. I was even checking all the things that I listed in my to do list for the year, and I'm glad that I accomplished some of them. And it was even more fun to revisit all the good things that happened to me for this year! Thank God for all of those. I sure hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Nice day to everyone!

Rubber Shoes from MKNY

November 21, 2013

If you have been following my blog for months now, you might notice that my shoe collection consists of heeled shoes and sandals. Few pairs that are flats or wedges, but I never shared any pair of rubber shoes. I It is not that I do not wear one, but unlike some people who are comfortable wearing one on regular basis, I only wear mine when I join activities such as fun runs or any event that requires that type of footwear. Besides, it is the type of footwear that I do not really spend a lot of money when buying. And you know how high the prices of  some rubber shoes can go. And just to give you an idea of how I manage to find a work around, let me just share with you the latest pair of shoes I bought almost a month ago: MKNY powder blue-black rubber shoes. 

I was already on the hunt for new rubber shoes since the last pair I owned was already more than three years with me (it no longer look that nice). I was actually contemplating on buying a pair from FILA since they are on sale and they have that cute pink and gray rubber shoes. But then again I know that it might end up collecting dust again so I though of finding something that would be budget friendly and yet still cute and comfy to wear. And after checking and comparing shoes at Robinsons Galleria, I saw this pair that is on 50% discount! It might not be as girly as the one I saw from FILA but I know it will serve its purpose (I was about to have my free trial of circuit training that time) and I only paid Php500.00 for this pair (originally Php999.75) . It was really a good deal for me.

I don't have a female friend who loves to collect rubber shoes. So ladies, is there anyone here who is so into this kind of footwear? Can you share your rubber shoes story, the brands you love and up to how much you could go just for a pair (this is the part that always amaze me whenever I talk to a guy friend with a rubber shoes collection)? I'm looking forward to reading your ideas so please do not hesitate on clicking the reply button below. Have a great day!

Budget Fashion Seeker - Rubber Shoes from MKNY 1

Budget Fashion Seeker - Rubber Shoes from MKNY 2

Budget Fashion Seeker - Rubber Shoes from MKNY 3

Another Shoes and Bag Sale at SM Megamall this Nov 21-24!

November 20, 2013

Since I began regularly writing posts here in my blog (I started April this year), I think this is already the fourth Shoes and Bags Sale event that SM Megamall organized for shoe and bag lovers this year. Amazing right? Although sad to say, I do not plan on buying new items for now for the reason that my money is already allocated to my out of town trip next week. So to those that have the budget and are still planning on buying new pair of shoes or a bag, don't forget to drop by SM Megamall and check the sale at Megatrade Hall 5th Level. The first two hours tomorrow (November 21, 10:00am-12:00nn) will allow you to multiply your points by 10 if you have an SM Advantage, SM Prestige, or BDO Rewards Card. Hope you can share with me if ever you had some great finds from the sale. Happy shopping!

Simple Joys' 3 for Php100.00 Rings

November 19, 2013

I just wanted to share with you my latest purchase. I know I told myself to minimize my shopping for this month but I was not able to resist these cute rings from Simpley Joy! I actually noticed the Eiffel Tower ring first, and was surprised that all three rings are for Php100.00 only. The budget shopper in me was jumping for joy when I tried it on so I decided to give in and bought it immediately. 

Aside from the cute designs, these rings are adjustable so it will not be a problem wearing it on different fingers (though I normally wear rings on my index finger). For the purpose of this blog, I tried wearing all three at the same time. But personally, I think I can only handle wearing at most two of them for an outfit. What can you say about these rings as latest addition to my accessories collection? Feel free to share your thoughts below. Happy day to everyone!

Happy Birthday, Hideo Muraoka!

November 18, 2013

Before this day end, I just want to dedicate this post to the model that has been so friendly and nice to me, hence he became a favorite of mine. I've been following his online accounts since last year, but I only met him in person during their SM Mall of Asia show last July. It has been great to be one of his supporters since he is very approachable and accommodating. I hope you get to meet this amazing man one day.

Our photo was taken yesterday, when I visited the Tulong Express booth in Megamall. He was one of those personalities that helped man the booth and I decided to go there to donate (my initial plan was to participate in the Donate-A-Bag drive, still in Megamall) so I could see him and give him a card for his birthday. But what happened was he recognized me and we talked for a little while. Then the people in the booth all said that we should take a photo (I was not expecting to have one since this is a donation drive, but who am I to refuse haha!). I even met his beautiful family, Fatima and Danda because they were also there at the mall but came to the booth at a later time. 

So to Hideo, happy happy birthday! I wish you all the best in your career as well as good health. I will continue supporting you and you and your family will be in my prayers. God bless and stay happy!

Blogapalooza 2013 Teaser

November 16, 2013

Today has been an awesome day since it was spent to the first blogging event I attended: Blogapalooza 2013! I felt really tired upon arriving home but it was totally memorable especially that I met the amazing girls that I regularly talk to online (through their blogs)! I will post an entire entry for this but for now, I'll just be sharing these freebies that I got from the event. It also felt good to be part of an event that had just donated Php82,000.00 for relief operations tied up with World Vision. I can't wait to share my experience with you guys so hope you visit again. Have a great day!

SM Megamall's 2-Hour Mega Special Nov 15-17

November 14, 2013

Hello everyone! I know things are still tough in the areas affected by typhoon Yolanda and currently, I still try to look on other means where I can be of help. I know my effort may not be as big of an impact as opposed to other people, but I am doing my best to do something within my capacity as a regular citizen. So I hope that for today you will allow me to post this news from SM Store. Please don't hate me for posting something like this at this difficult time. I thought about posting this ad since I think this can still be a venue for some people, like how "dine for a cause" worked for some of us. Please continue reading to find out how.

To those that are not really affected by the calamity, it is inevitable that we all resume the daily routines of our lives despite all the news and our efforts to show support for the survivors. And to those of you who still have things on their Christmas shopping lists, you might want to take advantage of SM Megamall's 2-hour mega special that entitles buyers with SM Membership cardholders (SM Advantage, BDO Rewards, SM Prestige) to an additional 10% off of their total purchase. That promo happens tomorrow (November 15) up to Sunday (November 17). And since you might have set aside a specific budget for that shopping list,you might be interested to just donate the 10% savings from your transaction to relief operations. That way, you've already done your shopping and be little angels to the people who need help the most. Let's continue to be a blessing to others. Great day to everyone!

Chili's Philippines: Help is on the Way

November 13, 2013

I know that my blog is mainly about fashion. But I cannot help resist to write a blog post about some information on ways to help those people that got hit by typhoon Yolanda. So I hope that you will bear with me whenever I post things like this.

It is indeed great news that more and more institutions/companies are doing their part in terms of sending help to our fellow countrymen in the affected areas. We were supposed to be eating at Yabu Megamall today for lunch since they announced that 100% of their earnings for today will be donated for relief operations. But when we got there around 2:00pm, there was still a long line of people outside the restaurant! We ended up dining at a different place but I was still happy that a lot of people decided to dine there so their money would make two things happy: their tummies and the people who needed help at this time.

Another good note is that when we went at Mega Atrium, we saw this poster just outside Chili's.  It is good to know that for tomorrow, November 14, it is their turn to help: by donating 100% of their Big Mouth Burger's sale! So to those people which work/reside near any Chili's branch, you might want to make your dining experience more meaningful by availing their mouthwatering burger. 

Let us all continue to pray for the safety of the survivors and that may all donations reach them on time. Great day to everyone!

Blogapalooza 2013

November 11, 2013

I read about this event from Venus, one of the bloggers that I interact with in Girltalk Forum. I know it might have been late already, but I still tried to sign up since it would be a great opportunity if ever I get a slot. And fortunately, I got in their list!

To be honest, I am quite excited about this event because it's going to be the first blogging event that I will attend since I started this blog. It would be great to know more about the community and have this exposure in terms of the partners and businesses (they've invited quite a long list of those), which will help me as I go and establish this blog in the online community. And this is also a perfect time to meet some of the friendly bloggers that I "met online" since I began to actively post April of this year.

This event is for free and will be held on November 16 at SM Aura. So if you are a blogger and interested to be part of this amazing event (and this community), feel free to sign up by clicking the link below. And if ever you get an invite, just contact me so we can sit together and bond along with my other blogger friends. Hoe to see you there! Have a nice day!

Brought to you by: http://www.wheninmanila.com

Shoes from Airwalk (Payless Shoe Source PH)

November 10, 2013

This has always been my dilemma with my brother: it is difficult to find a pair of budget-friendly shoes given his shoe size, which is 13. He is already working, but given that I am still his older sister, I do want to give him things once in a while like what I normally do with my other siblings. The problem is, whenever I find a brand with a price within my budget, the largest size is always 12! Anyway, we still find other alternatives every now and then (and my uncle also give him hand-me-downs sometimes). 

So imagine my happiness when we saw this pair from Payless Shoe Source: blue and gray rubber shoes from their Airwalk brand. I knew that Payless has size 13 for men, but I haven't check the styles that they got (and the price range too), so I was happy that we bought these for only Php995.00. Not bad right? And it was actually my brother who chose this style. And he told me that it was comfortable enough for him when he tried it on. Hopefully this pair will last long. Thank you again Payless for having these awesome shoes in your rack! You made me a happy shopper again. 

Anyone of you who share the same dilemma that I have for my brother? You might want to check Payless Shoe Source too and see the different shoes available for men. And once you are there in their store, take a look at their latest collection for ladies, and even kids too! They have new stocks every week (different day for each branch).  Hope you are all having a great day. Take care everyone!

Meet and Greet Mickey, Minnie and Goofy Nov. 8-10, 2013

November 9, 2013

It was only last year when I first heard this meet and greet event with Mickey and friends. I was doing my regular shopping at SM Department Store when the cashier told me to claim a pass for a meet and greet happening during that weekend (November 9-11 that time). That time, there was a  minimum purchase required before you get a pass.

And now, Mickey is back along with Minnie and Goofy to do another meet and greet event at SM Megamall Activity Center. And they are doing it for free! How cool is that? All you have to do is to line up for the giving of tickets and you can have your photo taken along with three of your friends/family members. This promo started yesterday and will last until tomorrow, November 10. So to all Mickey Mouse or Disney fans out there, hope you find time to check SM Megamall and see these adorable characters. Have fun and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

*Read the full mechanics of the event here.

Typhoon Yolanda

It's been really heartbreaking to read/watch news regarding typhoon Yolanda's damage in the Visayas region. Good thing Metro Manila was somehow spared from its wrath (I can't imagine another bout as hard as Ondoy in 2009). And as  a gratitude for our safety, I'd like to encourage everyone to extend help again to our fellow countrymen who again need us at this hard time. The region has been hit by natural calamities twice already this year (earthquake last October, now this) and I know that if we would join forces in terms of giving monetary help as well as volunteering our service to NGOs, then it will have a big impact to them already. It doesn't matter how big or small we can share as long as we have the heart to help right? Click the link below to see the list of institutions compiled by Rappler.com:

With our combined efforts, our country will be able to surpass this hurdle again. Always keep safe everyone!

 Photo credit: searchquotes.com

If I Lose Myself

November 6, 2013

As promised, here's one outfit post that I prepare wearing one of the skinny pants that I wrote about yesterday. Since I went all-green in my last outfit, I decided to use one of the shades in the blue family this time around: turquoise. Even though my favorite color is really royal blue, I also get attracted so other shades of blue such as this color. I was even surprised to find out that I do have lots of pieces in my cabinet in this shade! But out of all those items, I chose to partner the pants with this off-shoulder top that I have since 2007 (yes, that long already!) and good thing it still looks okay when worn despite the age of the item with me. And since the print on my pants was busy enough, I opted to just used more blue-green items such as my Yhansi accessories and this pair of sunglasses from Forever 21. I just finished the entire look with my ever favorite wedges from Payless Shoe Source to match with the pants.

pants Php150.00 - Beatnik
wedges P1650.00 - Payless Shoe Source
necklace Php350.00 - Yhansi
ring Php135.00 - Yhansi
sunglasses Php350.00 - Forever 21

You might be wondering why the title has nothing to do with my outfit. It is actually my last song syndrome from One Republic's concert just this evening! The band is really amazing! I only know few of their songs but I enjoyed the entire evening because they sound good during all their performance. I was only looking forward to hear my favorites such as All the Right Moves (I watched the concert alone but when this song was played, my hesitation to stand and sing went away and just sang along with Ryan), Secrets and Apologize. If I Lose Myself is the song that I just recently liked from One Republic, but it was a different story hearing the song live! I think that song will be stuck in my mind for a long time. It was actually their finale and i think they made a good job ending the concert with that amazing performance. I'll see what I can do with regards to the videos that I was able to capture with my camera. Hopefully I can share some of them to you. It is almost Friday already and I do hope that you've all been enjoying your week so far. Have a great day everyone!

Skinny Pants from Beatnik (Php150.00)

November 5, 2013

I was passing through Edsa Central Mall when I saw this certain shop called Beatnik. For those of you who are not that familiar with this mall, it is somehow like St. Francis Square Mall. They have stalls and stores inside the mall with products that are on bargain prices. You can still see lots of black and white items anywhere (I was even eyeing a pair of pants from Forever 21 that looks like these) and when I saw these pants in their store having a price of Php150.00 each, I immediately asked for the saleslady if I could fit them. And since they were okay for my size, I bought it without hesitation! I fell in love with the prints and I know that I can use them in the office given an appropriate top. I'll be sharing one outfit wearing the second pants tomorrow so I hope you'll drop by again. Have a great day everyone!

Red Flats from Payless Shoe Source (Lower East Side)

November 4, 2013

Have you reached that point wherein you just enjoy the act of shopping even if the items that you are buying are no longer for yourself? Yes, I've already accepted that fact since last year, when I realized that I enjoy my random shopping of clothes or things for my family (especially when they are on sale). I'm sure some of you who have kids already would understand what I am trying to say. And having said that, I'd like to share with you one of the things that I bought for my youngest sister: a pair of cute red flats from Payless Shoe Source. 

I already bought her a dress for Christmas and I told her that she can choose a blue or a red pair to match with it. She chose red and upon checking the store, we ended up with this style given her shoe size. She is really a big kid given her age, but I think this one looked cute on her. I will definitely share a photo of her during that time so you can see the entire outfit I prepared for her. She even projects well on camera that I wanted to ask her to teach me some poses haha! Such an adorable kid.

On another note, I just wanted to share that I had so much fun spending the entire day with my friends! I think we spent 7 hours in the mall and we played bowling, sang our heart out in the karaoke inside Timezone then watched Thor in IMAX. It has been four years since I last watched a movie in IMAX of Mall of Asia (last time I watched IMAX was in North Edsa) and watching Thor was definitely worth on that type of cinema. I won't discuss anything about the movie for now to avoid spoilers but I hope that you can find time to watch it too. Hope you all had a good start this week. Have a great day!

The Budget Fashion Seeker - Red Flats from Payless Shoe Source (Lower East Side)

The Budget Fashion Seeker - Red Flats from Payless Shoe Source (Lower East Side) 2

Downtown (1960s Inspired)

November 2, 2013

"When you're alone and life is making you lonely. You can always go downtown."

I'm pretty sure most of us are familiar with this song especially now that it was used in the latest McDonalds TV commercial with that super adorable kid and her pretty grandmother, Marita Zobel. "Downtown" was recorded during 1964 by Petula Clark, which was very suitable for my "Outfit of the Day" post: this 1960s inspired dress from Shapes.

 printed dress Php399.00 (50% off) - Shapes
belt (part of the skirt that I used here) - Shopaholic
heeled sandals Php999.00 - SM Parisian
shades Php350.00 (50% off) - Dickies 
bracelet Php50.00 -  St. Francis Square Mall

I bought this dress from Shapes Megamall last Monday after watching movie with my officemates/friends. I just thought of doing some window shopping before I leave the mall, when I saw this from their store. I was immediately attracted with the color (it had me at Green and White) and the fact that it was on a 50% discount made me buy it at once.

Regarding styling it, I wanted the color of the dress to be the highlight so I only wore neutrals for this ensemble. Good thing I have this belt from Shopaholic and this pretty pair of heeled sandals from SM Parisian. And since I feel lazy to even put on light powder on my face, I just decided to wear these sunglasses from Dickies as added accessory aside from the beaded cuff. What do you think of the entire look then? I hope you liked the style that I shared today :)

How was the your week doing so far? This weekend have been busy for most of you since there was Halloween; then All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day. I've been seeing lots of news about Halloween celebrations and visits to cemeteries. Too bad I did not participated on any of those things. My family haven't been to the cemetery since we transferred to a different house. But I am hoping that we get to visit our relatives there before the year ends (hopefully to do some repainting/cleaning). I hope you all had a wonderful time if you were able to go visit your hometown for the said occasion. Always stay safe everyone and good day!

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