Typhoon Yolanda

It's been really heartbreaking to read/watch news regarding typhoon Yolanda's damage in the Visayas region. Good thing Metro Manila was somehow spared from its wrath (I can't imagine another bout as hard as Ondoy in 2009). And as  a gratitude for our safety, I'd like to encourage everyone to extend help again to our fellow countrymen who again need us at this hard time. The region has been hit by natural calamities twice already this year (earthquake last October, now this) and I know that if we would join forces in terms of giving monetary help as well as volunteering our service to NGOs, then it will have a big impact to them already. It doesn't matter how big or small we can share as long as we have the heart to help right? Click the link below to see the list of institutions compiled by Rappler.com:

With our combined efforts, our country will be able to surpass this hurdle again. Always keep safe everyone!

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  1. This is really a heart-breaking news. It seems Visayas hasn't recovered yet from earthquake and here comes another disaster. :(

  2. Really heartbreaking news.. I can't help myself not to cry..I know this too shall pass.In Jesus name.


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