Chili's Philippines: Help is on the Way

I know that my blog is mainly about fashion. But I cannot help resist to write a blog post about some information on ways to help those people that got hit by typhoon Yolanda. So I hope that you will bear with me whenever I post things like this.

It is indeed great news that more and more institutions/companies are doing their part in terms of sending help to our fellow countrymen in the affected areas. We were supposed to be eating at Yabu Megamall today for lunch since they announced that 100% of their earnings for today will be donated for relief operations. But when we got there around 2:00pm, there was still a long line of people outside the restaurant! We ended up dining at a different place but I was still happy that a lot of people decided to dine there so their money would make two things happy: their tummies and the people who needed help at this time.

Another good note is that when we went at Mega Atrium, we saw this poster just outside Chili's.  It is good to know that for tomorrow, November 14, it is their turn to help: by donating 100% of their Big Mouth Burger's sale! So to those people which work/reside near any Chili's branch, you might want to make your dining experience more meaningful by availing their mouthwatering burger. 

Let us all continue to pray for the safety of the survivors and that may all donations reach them on time. Great day to everyone!

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  1. Great post!! All my wishes and prays are with this people!



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