Why Should Pinoys Bother with Science?: An Invitation from The Mind Museum

It is Friday again! Did you already plan anything in particular this weekend? If not, you might want to check out this event from The Mind Museum. This is for tomorrow, November 30 at 4:00pm and the forum will be very timely since our country have been experiencing a lot of natural calamities lately. I would love to go to this event since I haven't been to the Mind Museum yet (and this event is for free!) but unfortunately, my flight back to Manila is still on Monday. It would be fun if you could attend instead and then share your experience with me afterwards (you can write your blog links in the comment section). Oh and by the way, some of my blogger friends will be there too so I hope you say hi to them if you will attend this event. I'll be looking forward to your stories about this forum! Have a great day!

Why should Pinoys Bother with Science?

A relevant topic given the recent natural events that affected the Philippine nation. Help us in building our nation's scientific culture.  More details below.

Cafe Scientifique is a world-wide movement to bring science closer to the public through conversations.

#CafeScientifique presents: 

Have an extraordinary educational experience this November!

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