Shoes from Airwalk (Payless Shoe Source PH)

November 10, 2013

This has always been my dilemma with my brother: it is difficult to find a pair of budget-friendly shoes given his shoe size, which is 13. He is already working, but given that I am still his older sister, I do want to give him things once in a while like what I normally do with my other siblings. The problem is, whenever I find a brand with a price within my budget, the largest size is always 12! Anyway, we still find other alternatives every now and then (and my uncle also give him hand-me-downs sometimes). 

So imagine my happiness when we saw this pair from Payless Shoe Source: blue and gray rubber shoes from their Airwalk brand. I knew that Payless has size 13 for men, but I haven't check the styles that they got (and the price range too), so I was happy that we bought these for only Php995.00. Not bad right? And it was actually my brother who chose this style. And he told me that it was comfortable enough for him when he tried it on. Hopefully this pair will last long. Thank you again Payless for having these awesome shoes in your rack! You made me a happy shopper again. 

Anyone of you who share the same dilemma that I have for my brother? You might want to check Payless Shoe Source too and see the different shoes available for men. And once you are there in their store, take a look at their latest collection for ladies, and even kids too! They have new stocks every week (different day for each branch).  Hope you are all having a great day. Take care everyone!


  1. My brother bought brown shoes/sneakers also at Payless! (Actually, I bought it for him. Ate eh. HAHAHA!) Ganda naman po ng shoes/sneakers na yan Ms. Sally! Parang vans lang ang peg! Hihi. I really love Payless! ^^

  2. You really gotta love Payless Shoe Source! I got myself a pair of super comfy step-in sandals at half-price yesterday. ^_^

  3. It is really difficult to find a pair of shoes lalo na pag malaki ang size..yay!well, it's great that you found one in payless..


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