Skinny Pants from Beatnik (Php150.00)

I was passing through Edsa Central Mall when I saw this certain shop called Beatnik. For those of you who are not that familiar with this mall, it is somehow like St. Francis Square Mall. They have stalls and stores inside the mall with products that are on bargain prices. You can still see lots of black and white items anywhere (I was even eyeing a pair of pants from Forever 21 that looks like these) and when I saw these pants in their store having a price of Php150.00 each, I immediately asked for the saleslady if I could fit them. And since they were okay for my size, I bought it without hesitation! I fell in love with the prints and I know that I can use them in the office given an appropriate top. I'll be sharing one outfit wearing the second pants tomorrow so I hope you'll drop by again. Have a great day everyone!


  1. I'll be waiting for your post wearing that pants. So the fabric is that of pants, not leggings? Thanks

  2. Hi, I've been to that mall and the stalls there really have good outfits to offer. The clothes are trendy and very affordable. I like the pants you bought btw.

  3. Such trendy pants! Im excited to see you in those. :)

  4. ang ganda naman ng mga new finds mo! :)


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