Sales and Promos: 5-Day Mid-Summer Sale in Mega starting May 1!

April 30, 2013 Philippines

Can't wait till Friday for the 3-day mega sale? Then you will be thrilled by this update that I'm telling you.

The Budget Fashion Seeker - 5-day Mid-Summer Sale 1

I passed by megamall this afternoon and saw that SM department store will be having a 5-day sale from May 1-5. I'm so happy I won't feel left out anymore since I can still shop for the things I needed for my vacation tomorrow! This will be up to 50% discount on their selected items.

The Budget Fashion Seeker - 5-day Mid-Summer Sale 2

But the good news doesn't end there.If you are an SM advantage cardholder, you can also join in the 5-day sale of SM Supermarket, SM Hypermarket and SaveMore (selected branches only). This is a very good deal if you are doing your grocery during first week of the month right? So i do hope we all have a blast this week checking all those stores that are participating on these sale events. Have fun on your budget shopping everyone!

The Budget Fashion Seeker - 5-day Mid-Summer Sale 3
*This photo was from SM Advantage Card Email sent to my email

Sales and Promos: Mega 3-day sale on May 3-5!

April 29, 2013

Megamall is having that much awaited 3-day sale again this May! What a way to welcome the 5th month of 2013!

Today is the 30th(you know what this means!) and so to my fellow budget shoppers, better prepare for this event! Just remember to be strict on your allotted shopping budget to avoid mishandling your money.

I won't be able to shop with you on these dates since I'll be having a vacation outside Manila. But to those who will go, please do share your purchases or any other random things by commenting below or by tagging me on twitter (@imsallymae) so I can get updates even if I'm away. Hope you'll have a blast on those dates. Happy shopping everyone!

*photo was from Megamall's official FB Page

Budget Outfit: Standing Out Among the Greeneries


It was a privilege again to witness another wedding of last Saturday. Myles, a college friend of mine, tied the knot at a church in Batangas. This is already the third wedding I've been to for 2013 and I am really happy for my friends that they finally found "The One".

I saw the online invitation a bit late (we were supposed to meet up for the invitation but it didn't push through), so i have to change my initial plan of wearing my powder blue dress, which is just above the knee. Yes, it was noted in the invitation that the girls should wear long dress. So day before the wedding, I spent my one-hour lunch just to look for one that would work for the occasion.

I intended to buy a dress below P1000.00. But being the budget shopper that I am, the lower the price, the better. Good thing I checked the stalls of St. Francis first, where I bought this pretty printed dress for only P380.00(originally priced at P400.).

When I first saw this dress in one of the shops there, I was quite hesitant since it was too big for me. The seller suggested that I look for a stall that repairs clothes somewhere in the 3rd floor as well. So when I saw the repair shop and checked if he will give me a reasonable price for the repair(P100.00 for garter adjustment), I decided to buy the dress already. Would you believe that 6 inches of the garter was removed from the dress? That's how big it was initially!

By the way, the wedding reception was held in Cintai Corito's Garden. It was really a nice garden resort that if only the weather cooperated that day, I'd have tons of pictures having all those unique structures as my background. And if you remember the advice I mentioned in this post, the experience I had that time made me choose to wear the pair of sandals from this post. It was also my top consideration when I bought the dress in the first place.

I'll try to share some photos I took while we were there. But if you are interested to know more about Cintai, here's their official website:

To Myles and Yna, thank you for giving me the chance to witness this memorable day. I know you have already tested your love towards each other (13 years!) and I'm pretty sure you will still have lots of memories and happy times to share in the coming years. We will always be praying for both of you. Best wishes! Enjoy the rest of your stay in Manila :)

Sales and Promos: The Body Shop Members Only Sale!

April 25, 2013

Do you have a privilege card from The Body Shop? Then you might be interested to check their latest promo.

The image below was sent to my email. And since it was a teaser ad, i am really curious on what products are on sale. Are you sharing the same thoughts? Or you have already visited their store? if you havent, then let's go and visit the nearest branch of The Body Shop! Happy budget shopping to all!

Shoe Collection: Orange Sandals from Payless

April 24, 2013 Philippines

I first saw this pair of orange sandals in Payless Shangri-la Mall branch. The original price of this was P1250.00, and that time, I thought it was too pricey for a simple sandals. But I was really tempted to buy it because it was the shade of orange that I was looking for.

The Budget Fashion Seeker - Orange Sandals 1

Then after few weeks, I discovered that there was another Payless branch opened in a mall near our house. So I did my usual window shopping there, and luckily they are on sale that day! You want to know how much I paid for this pair? It only cost me P500.00! Such a steal right? I still think that it was meant to be!

The Budget Fashion Seeker - Orange Sandals 2

I'll share some outfit posts next time wearing this pair of sandals. So I hope you  visit The Budget Fashion Seeker again!

Budget Outfit: Feeling Good

April 23, 2013 Philippines

I am now finally sharing the last set of outfit photos from this group (read other posts herehere and here). This is actually my favorite among the outfit shots since to be honest, I really love this dress. Just by the happy color itself makes me want to attend a certain celebration (party of some sort). Then add up the nice fit it gives to my frame. Lovely dress isn't it?

I bought this dress last December from Forever21. I was asked by my friend to accompany her in buying a pencil cut skirt that time and I told her that i saw lots of that item in the said shop. But it ended up that I was the one who bought something from the store! Haha! That is why i always tell that window shopping most of the time ends up into an actual one. But I did not regret because I really like how I look when I am wearing this dress. I don't know if you ever felt this before, but for me,there are clothes that are able to bring out the best me.It feels like having extra powers when I'm wearing them!

By the way, this dress only cost P915.00.Not bad right? And the only time I wore it was last Christmas when we spent time with our relatives. I know I might use this again (with different styling maybe) since it is still my current fave. And if that happen, I'll make sure to do a blog post on that.

Are there clothes in your wardrobe that give you that "feel good" vibe? Feel free to share it below. Good day to all!

Dress - Forever21
Necklace - Forever21
Bracelet - SM Dept Store
Shoes - Payless

*Photos by Charles Segubre

Budget Shopping: I Love Manila Shirts by Kultura

April 22, 2013 Philippines

Since I shared the Iron Man Shirts of Folded and Hung (read here), I am now going to introduce you to budget-friendly ones: I Love Manila Shirts by Kultura.

Are you the type of person who loves buying shirts with "I Love [insert name of city/country]" design?

If you are a traveler, I'm pretty sure that somehow, you got tempted to buy shirts like this when you visit a certain province or country. I myself own two: my "I Love Cebu" shirt, and a personalized "Love Camsur" shirt from Islands Souvenirs.

I am not sure if you have seen this I Love Manila products from Kultura section in SM Megamall. They have different items from bags, caps, shirts and other things, all of which contains different version of "I Love Manila". But for this post, I'll focus on their line of shirts that caught my interest.

They have this set of white cotton shirts with catchy designs of "I Love Manila". They are only available in free size, however, the good side of this collection is that they have an ongoing promo of paying only P299.75 when you buy 3 shirts. Yes! It is indeed a total bargain.

When I first bought this shirt, the promo available that time was buy 2 for P299.75. SO I purchased a 2 sets. Then on my next visit, I saw that they lowered the price so I bought a set again (this time I got 3 shirts). I only took one of the shirts and gave the others to my family and uncles.

The Budget Fashion Seeker - I Love Manila Shirts 1

The Budget Fashion Seeker - I Love Manila Shirts 2
I bought this one for myself :)

Did  you find this bargain enticing too? If you did, then I suggest that you visit Megamall right away before the promo ends. Happy shopping!

Office Appropriate

April 21, 2013

Does your office implement a dress code policy? Are you tired of wearing the same set of clothes that you deem as office appropriate?

When I entered the corporate world, I had these staple pieces that I wear daily since I wanted to be on the safe side regarding work outfit: a pair of black slacks or a black skirt paired with a blouse. This thing went on for couple of years, though there are times when I try to wear a dress (still appropriate for work). 

The Budget Fashion Seeker- Office Appropriate 1

But like what normally happens, as you age, your preference and tolerance for experimentation changes. I've noticed that I've embrace more colors and prints in my wardrobe these past few years and tried to follow  certain trends that I don't normally have the guts to try before. I can say that I have reached the stage where I am letting myself experience new things, and not to reject them right away without even trying.

The Budget Fashion Seeker - Office Appropriate 2

Here is the last outfit I prepared from the same shoot I was referring here and here.This time, I chose something that you might find yourself wearing to work. A peplum top + bandeau skirt.

I have worn this combination at work already. Well that's except for the shoes, since my way to office consists of lots of walking. The top is the one I mentioned in this post. It has prints that somehow suggest of textured feel. Something that appealed to me that's why I bought it along with the skirts that day. 

The Budget Fashion Seeker - Office Appropriate 3
printed top - St. Francis
white bandeau skirt - Blanc et Noir
connector ring - Forever21
shoes- Payless

I paired the top with a white bandeau skirt from Blanc et Noir (SM Department Store, Megamall). And since the top is a little loose in the waist area, I picked a brown belt to address the issue, making it my main accessory for this ensemble.

Have you been injecting new pieces to your office wardrobe lately? I hope to hear what style or trend you've managed to wear recently. Have a nice day to all!

*Photos by Charles Segubre

Sales and Promos: Iron Man Shirts by Folded and Hung

April 20, 2013

Since Iron Man 3 is already in cinemas next week, a lot of stores are sure to release merchandises of the movie. And among the products that I saw online, this one caught my attention: Folded and Hung's Iron Man Shirts.

I immediately checked the nearest branch to see the shirts and below is the photo i took. They are actually for men but i think their XS (smallest size) can fit my frame. I am eyeing the left most shirt (dark gray and red). Though I'm still contemplating if I'm going to buy one since it costs P999.00. Maybe after my next cut off?:)

By the way, if you purchase the shirt, you are entitled to get a free limited Iron Man thumb drive(2gig). And that is actually the reason why i'm interested to buy one haha! If there's a Folded and Hung store near your place, you might want to check them and see the freebie yourself.

Who among you own one of these shirts already? I'm interested to know what design you picked!

Blue All Over

April 18, 2013 Philippines

As promised, here is another set of photos from our shoot last April 9. This was the third outfit I wore that day. 

Printed Dress and White Tube Top - St. Francis Square
Bracelet  - SM Department Store

I've worn this dress so many times that I lost count already. This is one of my go-to-dress before since it is very comfortable to wear, and the fact that it has brown accents made it easier to match with most of my shoes and accessories. I can't remember what year I bought it but what I do know is that I got this dress for P250.00 only.

The Budget Fashion Seeker - Blue All Over 1

I normally wear brown or nude shoes/sandals with this dress. But since I have this pair with me in Manila, I thought of using them instead. 

Another thing I love about this dress is that I can also use it as cover up when I go to the beach given the low cut in front and back. I can just wear my swimsuit under it and I'm already good to go!

Two more sets from this shoot! I am excited to share them with you especially my favorite one. Have a great Friday!

 *Photos by Charles Segubre

Budget shopping: Tote Bags from Grab

April 17, 2013 Philippines

Big tote bags were my life saver during college. I find them very useful whenever I carry lots of things to school, or even when we have planned overnights in one of my classmate's house.And until now, I still find myself getting one of these whenever I see one in stores, specially those budget-friendly ones with cute designs like the ones below!

The Budget Fashion Seeker - tote bag 1

I took these photos from SM Department Store Megamall last Tuesday. They have this section for Grab, a brand that sells bags, pouches, and bag accessories that are really budget-friendly. The price range of their bags is from P199.75- P500.00. I was looking for a bag to use during The script concert since I left my big bags at home (I only stay at our house during weekends). And luckily I find this brand in Megamall. 

The Budget Fashion Seeker - tote bag 2

It was hard to choose among the chic patterns and yummy colors. But among the different designs, I ended up buying this: a bag with a couple by the beach! Sweet isn't it? This bag costs P299.75.

The Budget Fashion Seeker - tote bag 3

Are you heading somewhere this summer? You might want to grab one of these bags.  I'm pretty sure this brand is available in every SM mall so do check them out at a branch near you. Enjoy shopping!

The Budget Fashion Seeker - tote bag 4

And It Was All Yellow


Another friend of mine got married!

I am really happy and giddy every time I receive a wedding invitation. It makes me feel special that among all the people they know, they still include my name in their guest list. In return, I make it a point to be present on the wedding ceremony itself as well as the reception.

Budget Fashion Seeker - Printed Yellow Dress 1
Dress - Karimadon
Shoes - Payless
Bracelet - SM Dept Store
Connector Ring - Forever21

While thinking of what to wear for the wedding, I remember that I have this printed yellow dress that I bought from Karimadon way back 2009. I only used it once during our family reunion Christmas of that same year, so I decided to just wear this again for this occasion.

Budget Fashion Seeker - Printed Yellow Dress 2
Photos by Mae Isabelle

The pumps I was wearing were from Payless. I love wearing this shoes as you will notice in my future outfit posts, but that day, I realized that it would have been more comfortable for me if I wore a different pair during the ceremony. As what Beverly told us over dinner, flats or wedge type are the recommended shoes for garden wedding. Fortunately, I survived that night! Thanks to the concrete paths here and there in the garden.

So to Aldrich and Anna, congratulations! Hope you will have happy years and many special moments together as husband and wife. God Bless!

Budget Fashion Seeker - Yellow Dress 3
Photo by Beverly

Budget Shopping: Native Accessories

April 15, 2013

These necklaces have been with me for 3-4 years already. Actually, I still have other native accessories (bracelets, earrings etc.) at home but these are the pieces that I brought with me here in Manila.

The two necklaces with the same pendant were bought in one of the bazaar held at Megatrade, Megamall. I remember that they were priced at P50.00-P100.00 that time that I bought four pieces of necklaces that day (I bought avocado green and royal blue necklaces with a different design).

The necklace below was bought in St. Francis along with a gray one (same design). I found it really appropriate for my beach outing that I did not think twice in buying it. It was also priced at P100.00 if I remember it right.  


If you are also interested in owning native accessories, you might want to check St. Francis ground floor, SM Department Store's native items section, and Kultura. Having them in cute colors will make you summer outfit more fab!

Budget Outfit: Colorful

April 14, 2013

A week ago, my friends organized a despedida for our dear friend, Beverly. We decided to have our mini get together at Tong Yang, Quezon Avenue. It was located beside Eton Centris, and since it is was my first time to go in that area, I was really surprised to see that they have built a commercial center just like Greenbelt 3 there, something that you would not expect in that busy area behind EDSA.

Top - Forever 21 P355.00; Leggings - St. Francis Square - P220.00

 My photos here are all courtesy of my friend, Leda (thanks again for these!). It was funny that she asked me to pose for pictures since she found my leggings fitting for outfit shots, something that I  since I told here that I agreed without hesitation especially now that I am reviving my blog again.

The colorful leggings I was wearing here was bought from St. Francis Square. It was commonly priced at P280.00 but I found a stall that sells it for P220.00. I would have both more leggings with a different design if only I have extra money. What I love about this leggings is beside it being affordable, the material is really soft and feels velvety. A material that I am really fond of!

Do you also like wearing a pair of leggings like me? Then you should try visiting St. Francis Square too! We might bump into each other since I am planning to buy another leggings soon. Have a great week everyone!

Shoe Collection: Chunky Heeled Sandals from Folded and Hung

April 13, 2013

Chunky heels were not really that appealing to me before i bought this pair of sandals (I'm more of a stiletto girl). But when I saw this from Folded and Hung last year, I gave in and bought it because I fell in love with the color block design plus the fact that it is still comfortable to wear despite the height of the heels. I find those enough reasons to disregard the idea that it indeed in the style I'm not used to.

And voila! Up to this date, it is still my current favorite among my shoes/sandals! I wore it lots of times already (dinner with friends, day event, etc.) and I never had problems wearing them for hours. If only I could wear it with every clothes that I have, I would have done so. I'll share some outfit photos using this sandals soon so keep on visiting this site!

What are your thoughts about chunky heels? Do you own shoes/sandals of that kind?

Budget Shopping: Stylish Rings from Keos (P100.00 each!)

April 12, 2013

Keos is a stall selling trendy accessories located in the lower ground of Shangri-la Plaza Mall (Foodcourt area). I do check them every now and then since there are items that I found in their shop that suit my style, and yet the price of their products is still affordable.

Below are the two items that I recently bought from their shop:

Imagine how happy I was when I saw this mermaid connector ring in their display! If you are my friend in facebook, you would know how much I love being in the water (beach, swimming pool) that I consider myself a mermaid during my past life (and yes, singing is my passion too!). So even if this ring did not fit my fingers (which I am so grateful that they do), I will still buy them as souvenir. I am thinking of bringing it with me on my next beach outing!

I first saw a cute layered ring in Girlshoppe at Robinson's Galleria. But the one they are selling are too big for me so I ended up not buying them. That is why I am happy too that I did not have a problem regarding size with this item. Aren't they cute?

Have you visited Keons stall before? Share the items you bought if you do! Have a great day everyone! 

Budget Outfit: Blue and Yellow

April 11, 2013

It was March 23 when I asked my friend Charles, a budding photographer, to help me in producing good photos for this blog. Given that we both have day jobs as IT professionals, coming up with a common schedule is really a big problem for us. Good thing that we have a holiday this April (Araw ng Kagitingan, April 9). And so, our first photoshoot happened that day.

Our shoot lasted for 3 hours and these are the first batch of photos he took that afternoon.  I had these clothes for a long time already but I can't remember if I wore them together. Can you guess the total amount i spent for these pieces I'm wearing (blue top, white tube, printed leggings)? 

If you base it on the labels, yes, I spent less than P500 for this entire outfit. I got the blue top from Penshoppe when it was on sale (P199.00), the leggings from Shopaholic! for 50% discount (I paid P175.00), and the tube for P90.00 (it was 2 for P180.00)! And what i just did was to complete the look with simple accessories and sandals. Hope you like what I did for this set.

I still have three other outfits from that shoot so don't forget to visit The Budget Fashion Seeker again!

Photos by Charles Segubre
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