Budget Outfit: Colorful

A week ago, my friends organized a despedida for our dear friend, Beverly. We decided to have our mini get together at Tong Yang, Quezon Avenue. It was located beside Eton Centris, and since it is was my first time to go in that area, I was really surprised to see that they have built a commercial center just like Greenbelt 3 there, something that you would not expect in that busy area behind EDSA.

Top - Forever 21 P355.00; Leggings - St. Francis Square - P220.00

 My photos here are all courtesy of my friend, Leda (thanks again for these!). It was funny that she asked me to pose for pictures since she found my leggings fitting for outfit shots, something that I  since I told here that I agreed without hesitation especially now that I am reviving my blog again.

The colorful leggings I was wearing here was bought from St. Francis Square. It was commonly priced at P280.00 but I found a stall that sells it for P220.00. I would have both more leggings with a different design if only I have extra money. What I love about this leggings is beside it being affordable, the material is really soft and feels velvety. A material that I am really fond of!

Do you also like wearing a pair of leggings like me? Then you should try visiting St. Francis Square too! We might bump into each other since I am planning to buy another leggings soon. Have a great week everyone!


  1. hi, you look great in that leggings, but if you want to find a cheaper one with the same quality i know where to buy a pair for P150! :)

  2. thanks claire! really? haha! now you got me curious. care to tell me where this place is? :)


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