Shoe Collection: Chunky Heeled Sandals from Folded and Hung

Chunky heels were not really that appealing to me before i bought this pair of sandals (I'm more of a stiletto girl). But when I saw this from Folded and Hung last year, I gave in and bought it because I fell in love with the color block design plus the fact that it is still comfortable to wear despite the height of the heels. I find those enough reasons to disregard the idea that it indeed in the style I'm not used to.

And voila! Up to this date, it is still my current favorite among my shoes/sandals! I wore it lots of times already (dinner with friends, day event, etc.) and I never had problems wearing them for hours. If only I could wear it with every clothes that I have, I would have done so. I'll share some outfit photos using this sandals soon so keep on visiting this site!

What are your thoughts about chunky heels? Do you own shoes/sandals of that kind?

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