Budget Shopping: Native Accessories

These necklaces have been with me for 3-4 years already. Actually, I still have other native accessories (bracelets, earrings etc.) at home but these are the pieces that I brought with me here in Manila.

The two necklaces with the same pendant were bought in one of the bazaar held at Megatrade, Megamall. I remember that they were priced at P50.00-P100.00 that time that I bought four pieces of necklaces that day (I bought avocado green and royal blue necklaces with a different design).

The necklace below was bought in St. Francis along with a gray one (same design). I found it really appropriate for my beach outing that I did not think twice in buying it. It was also priced at P100.00 if I remember it right.  


If you are also interested in owning native accessories, you might want to check St. Francis ground floor, SM Department Store's native items section, and Kultura. Having them in cute colors will make you summer outfit more fab!


  1. Hi, I like your posts ;)


  2. Katuwa namang sa sahig mo talaga pinicture-an :)

    1. hahaha!sa room lang kasi ako nag-picture may mga roommates akong nasa sala kanina (baka maweirduhan sila anong ginagawa ko lol)

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