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Does your office implement a dress code policy? Are you tired of wearing the same set of clothes that you deem as office appropriate?

When I entered the corporate world, I had these staple pieces that I wear daily since I wanted to be on the safe side regarding work outfit: a pair of black slacks or a black skirt paired with a blouse. This thing went on for couple of years, though there are times when I try to wear a dress (still appropriate for work). 

The Budget Fashion Seeker- Office Appropriate 1

But like what normally happens, as you age, your preference and tolerance for experimentation changes. I've noticed that I've embrace more colors and prints in my wardrobe these past few years and tried to follow  certain trends that I don't normally have the guts to try before. I can say that I have reached the stage where I am letting myself experience new things, and not to reject them right away without even trying.

The Budget Fashion Seeker - Office Appropriate 2

Here is the last outfit I prepared from the same shoot I was referring here and here.This time, I chose something that you might find yourself wearing to work. A peplum top + bandeau skirt.

I have worn this combination at work already. Well that's except for the shoes, since my way to office consists of lots of walking. The top is the one I mentioned in this post. It has prints that somehow suggest of textured feel. Something that appealed to me that's why I bought it along with the skirts that day. 

The Budget Fashion Seeker - Office Appropriate 3
printed top - St. Francis
white bandeau skirt - Blanc et Noir
connector ring - Forever21
shoes- Payless

I paired the top with a white bandeau skirt from Blanc et Noir (SM Department Store, Megamall). And since the top is a little loose in the waist area, I picked a brown belt to address the issue, making it my main accessory for this ensemble.

Have you been injecting new pieces to your office wardrobe lately? I hope to hear what style or trend you've managed to wear recently. Have a nice day to all!

*Photos by Charles Segubre


  1. I absolutely love your peplum top! You look very professional, very nice outfit choices.

  2. thanks for appreciating my post kim! I love the top too because of the unique print :)

    I'll visit your profile (and blog) later. google+ is not loading here in my work pc lol.

    feel free to visit anytime.good day!

  3. I love your outfit! I have been to the corporate world and out and I realized I really am not one for corporate dressing no matter how much I want to look that polished. I dunno, I just don't feel empowered or something in outfits like these. So I work in jeans and t-shirts (lucky my boss has not kicked me out yet). Lol.

  4. hi blackshirt!thanks for liking the outfit :) though i don't always wear something like this in the office lol. but i love to dress up specially when i'm feeling down (it's like some sort of therapy to me).

    it is okay if you prefer to be in shirt and jeans. as long as you are comfortable with what you wear. that's more important. great day!

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    1. hello!sure I'll check your site :) thanks for dropping by!


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