Shoe Collection: Orange Sandals from Payless

I first saw this pair of orange sandals in Payless Shangri-la Mall branch. The original price of this was P1250.00, and that time, I thought it was too pricey for a simple sandals. But I was really tempted to buy it because it was the shade of orange that I was looking for.

The Budget Fashion Seeker - Orange Sandals 1

Then after few weeks, I discovered that there was another Payless branch opened in a mall near our house. So I did my usual window shopping there, and luckily they are on sale that day! You want to know how much I paid for this pair? It only cost me P500.00! Such a steal right? I still think that it was meant to be!

The Budget Fashion Seeker - Orange Sandals 2

I'll share some outfit posts next time wearing this pair of sandals. So I hope you  visit The Budget Fashion Seeker again!


  1. cute shoes... :P

    Following you via GFC, hope you follow mine back :)

  2. hi samantha! Thanks for dropping by. Yup! I'm following your blog already :)


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