Merry Christmas from The Budget Fashion Seeker!

December 29, 2016

Merry Christmas everyone! I know this is a bit late, but I wanted to post something prior to the holiday. How is everybody? I do hope that you all had fun times and lots of memories with your loved ones. This is actually the first time that I was not in the Philippines for Christmas. I miss my family and my friends so much already! But this is one of those things that I have to deal given that I chose to focus on my personal happiness this time. Don't get me wrong as the holiday is still great of me. I spent it with the love of my life and able to have dinner with his family on Christmas Eve. We just plan on creating more memories to compensate what I will be missing back home.

Anyway, to my frequent readers, I am pretty sure that you remember this dress from this post. It was Christmas of 2014 when I first wore this lovely dress from SM Girls' Teens Wear. I wanted to just be comfortable all day while celebrating the occasions with my loved ones, especially in our area, Christmas means entire day of eating and drinking. I matched my accessories with the colors that are on the dress, hence the green sling bag from Nine West, sunglasses from Forever 21, and earrings from Vente Shop. I made the overall look more comfy by wearing my flats from Payless Shoe Source. By the way, this dress is below Php500.00, totally Budget Fashion Seeker approved!

Two more days and we are done with 2016! It has been a tremendously memorable year so far and I am trying to appreciate every little thing that comes my way. I am hoping and praying for more blessed year this coming 2017. And I am wishing all of you the same thing. Have a great day!

The Budget Fashion Seeker

Giveaway: Win a $60 Item from StyleWe

December 22, 2016

December is a month that I am pretty sure majority of us are excited of. The reason being is that the last month of the year means Christmas is almost here, and that everyone will be busy with attending reunions parties and of course, preparing decorations and gifts!

And speaking of gifts, I know it has been a long time since I hosted a giveaway. The good news? StyleWe contacted me and they want to give one of my awesome readers an item from their store, which is worth $60.00! Isn't it amazing? What's great is that you don’t have to pay anything. Even shipping! You just need to follow the instructions indicated below to gain entries.

I actually checked their stores for products that are within the giveaway's amount. I found a lot of gorgeous pieces from their store that you can choose from. Visit the links below if you want to see those that I am referring to. It would be fun to have a new outfit that you can sport next year right? Contest starts on December 22 and ends on December 30 (12MN Mountain Time) and I will announce the winner on December 31. Start submitting your entries and good luck to those that will join the giveaway!







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(Open to US, UK, Italy, Germany, France, Canada & Australia)

*This contest is sponsored by:


It's Officially Winter (And My First Snow Experience)!

December 21, 2016

 The Budget Fashion Seeker - It's Officially Winter  (And My First Snow Experience)
Being born in a tropical country, I have always been curious and interested to experience winter. I love how it looks on photos and in movies, especially when they highlight Christmas time. I am in awe of how magical a place looks with white snow all over. My only major concern: I easily get cold since i got a bit older.

It was November last year when I had a chance to experience snow for the first time. And that moment became more memorable given that I was with a special someone. It was during our road trip to Lake Dillon, Colorado, a place that we love visiting if we want to be away from the city. As you can see at the photo above, I am totally unprepared that time. I knew Colorado weather is colder than usual but during my visit, I only packed Fall-friendly clothes ( it was mid November). The road trip was also unplanned but all in all, I had a great time and the view of the mountain is breathtaking! Certainly one of the things that I love in this state. I have only tried snow tubing so far (which I will share on this blog soon), but we are talking about skiing or snowboarding this time around. And I hope eventually, I will be able to post more winter-appropriate outfit photos that are of course Budget Seeker approved! Too bad it is not evident in the photo but the fleece hoodie that I was wearing that time is super fluffy. I love how it feels when I wear them. I am now wishing I still brought it with me this year.
Are you all done with your holiday preparation? Hope you are enjoying the season so far (Christmas is in few days!) and I will talk to you guys again. Have a great day!

The Budget Fashion Seeker

Style Picks: StyleWe Mini Skirts

November 15, 2016 Denver, CO, USA

the budget fashion seeker - StyleWe mini skirts 1

Hi everyone! I can't believe it is November already. Few more days and Christmas is here! But for those who are residing in the US, Thanksgiving and Black Friday are the two occasions that they are looking forward this month. Next week actually! And I am really excited as it will be my second time to celebrate Thanksgiving with the new family I have here in Colorado. 

Anyway, as I mentioned lots of upcoming holidays, you might be thinking of some outfit inspirations that you can wear. And for today's post, I am sharing with you my style picks from StyleWe's mini skirt collection.

MASKED QUEEN - White Asymmetrical Casual Plain Mini Skirt With Belt

the budget fashion seeker - StyleWe mini skirts 2

WOW COUTURE - Olive Green Elegant Bandage Mini Skirt

the budget fashion seeker - StyleWe mini skirts 3

iioikoo - Yellow Plain Girly A-line Bow Mini Skirt

the budget fashion seeker - StyleWe mini skirts 4

JUNGLE ME - Red Cotton Vintage A-line Mini Skirt

the budget fashion seeker - StyleWe mini skirts 5

KAN·F - Black Zipper Simple Mini Skirt

the budget fashion seeker - StyleWe mini skirts 6

Among the skirts in their collection (visit it), the above skirts are my top choices. My picks are based on how the color and design appeal to me. In my opinion, all of them can be worn casually or for office attire depending on the top and shoes that you will use. I totally see myself wearing them on any of the occasions that we will be having soon! 

What do you think of my style picks? Would you incorporate them in your outfit given the chance? Have a great day!

StyleWe Blog:

Take It Slow Skater Dress from TOBI (Fall Outfit)

October 3, 2016 Denver, CO, USA

The Budget Fashion Seeker - TOBI Take it Slow Skater Skirt 1

Fall is here again! The first time I experienced this season was actually two years ago, when I was in New Jersey for a business trip. For someone who have been in a tropical country her entire life, it was indeed an interesting experience for me. I mean who doesn't love the fall colors right? And the fact that you can wear knee-high boots as part of your outfit is just really awesome!

The Budget Fashion Seeker - TOBI Take it Slow Skater Skirt 2

I was keen on wearing these leggings and boots but I still haven't found the right dress. That is, until Tobi's team reached out to me for their fall collection. This is the first time I heard of their brand but fell in love with their items upon checking their website. And this lovely skater dress is the first one that caught my eye! Its color, which is wine, is definitely something that I would wear for fall. It is made of polyester and has a very nice cut. The neckline is a bit low that is why I thought of wearing a spaghetti strap top. That extra layer will also help a bit with the cool weather. I chose gray so it would go well with the leggings that I bought from SM Department Store way back (brand is Betty).

The Budget Fashion Seeker - TOBI Take it Slow Skater Skirt 3

The boots and the bag were given to me by my aunt when I visited her and her family last March (they live in Tennessee) and I am actually looking forward to use it for this season. I added the black hat that I got from Accessorize for a full "fall vibe". Then I capped the overall look with these silver accessories that matches the detail of the bag.

I still have other items that I got from Tobi that I will be sharing soon! But if you love this dress, feel free to checkout their website and social media below. This brand is based in San Francisco so their sizing is standard. And I love the fabric, too! Hope you stay tuned to see how I styled the other products. Have a great day!


dress - TOBI (see Take It Slow Skater Dress) - $29.00  (on sale, orig. price $58.00)
top - Forever 21 - $1.90
leggings - Betty (SM Department Store , Megamall)
boots - Andrew Geller Shoes (gifted)
bag - Guess (gifted)
hat - Accesorize (Shangri-la Mall) - Php 100.00
necklace - Michaels 
earrings - Michaels (see Bead Landing Earrings from Michaels)
ring - Yhansy (Shangri-la Mall) - Php 175.00

Camera: Nikon D5500 (used self timer and remote)

Prom Dresses from Sherry London

September 12, 2016

the budget fashion seeker - sherry london UK prom dresses 1

I have been exploring a lot with Pinterest and lately, my pins are mostly about gowns and wedding dresses. I do not actually check most of the original pinners but I remember pinning one of the prom dresses that Pinterest suggested: this beautiful gown from Sherry London UK (below).

the budget fashion seeker - sherry london UK prom dresses 2

I didn't even realized it then since I just remember seeing the gown and pinning it on my board. So I was surprised to see it as the first gown you will see in their prom dresses 2016 collection! Isn't it gorgeous?

And as you all know me as being the Budget Fashion Seeker, the first thing I checked when their team introduced me to their online store is the price range. Good to know that they have dresses that are 100GBP and below! Not bad of a deal already. Even in the Philippines formal gowns and dresses are roughly in the same range already. And from their cheap prom dresses, below is my choice. What do you think of this 90.98GBP piece?

the budget fashion seeker - sherry london UK prom dresses 3
It is actually pretty straight forward to use their website, with all the available filters on the site. It would be easier to shop depending on your needs such as when you prefer short prom dresses or if you want to browse by color like choosing among the red prom dresses and black prom dresses.

So if you are in need of gowns for prom or other formal occasions, you may want to check out Sherry London! They deliver to most countries but given that this is from UK, you might want to double check with them first the availability of your chosen dress and the estimated time of delivery prior to ordering. Happy dress shopping!

*This is a sponsored post

Bead Landing Earrings from Michaels (less than $2)

August 24, 2016

the budget fashion seeker - bead landing earrings from Michaels 1

It was 2014 when a colleague of mine introduced Michaels Craft Store to me. I remember how it feels like you wanted to buy everything that you can see especially if you are into those DIY projects. Fast forward to this year, imagine how happy I was when the apartment we are renting is walking distance away to Michaels! And one of my first few purchases from them were these earrings set from Bead Landing.

the budget fashion seeker - bead landing earrings from Michaels 2

I love everything on a budget/on sale so I was so happy to find these sets for less than $2.00! They were originally $4.99 each and that price is still under what is "budget-friendly" for me. But the discounted price made it more awesome! I can't wait to use them all but so far, I have been using the shell pair on a daily basis.

the budget fashion seeker - bead landing earrings from Michaels 3

So what do you prefer between the two sets? Silver or gold? Let me know by commenting below. Have a great day everyone!

A $20 Outfit using UNIQLO and Kamiseta

August 19, 2016

Who doesn't love wearing comfortable clothes when doing a tour? This is what I wore during one of the highlights of my Virginia trip: visit to Jamestown Settlement. It was a museum that is field with history and amazing artifacts. And they even have big areas for things such as the boat behind me, making it more fun for visitors. I will write and show more pictures of that place on my next post.

StyleWe Clearance Sale: Stylish Mini Dresses below $35

August 10, 2016

Remember my post about This chic shop has ongoing Flash Sale again and if you visit their website, you would really fall in love with the dresses they sell! You might say that their products are so pricey, but don't forget that these items were made by independent designers who pt their heart to the creations. And for this post, I am showcasing my top three picks, which are all under $35.00!

Teal Dress from SM Department Store

August 8, 2016

The Budget Fashion Seeker - SM Teal Dress 1

How many times have I said that I love it when my friends invite me to their wedding? I know, it must have been tons already. And yet, here I am posting another one of those wedding outfit because these are the times that I can really dress up! And of course, I really feel flattered and happy that my friend, Juvel, invited me to her wedding even if we haven't talk a lot. I feel honored that she thought of me as one of her guest list.

The Budget Fashion Seeker - SM Teal Dress 2

2015 (up to this year) was a year that I told myself to be careful in terms of shopping. And fortunately, I was able to control my spending and just focus on my travel. This dress has been with me since 2009 (wore this once in an event) and this wedding was just the second. I was so happy that I was able to find yet another dress sitting in my closet, waiting to be used and to be blogged. I actually forgot the exact amount I paid for this dress (it was 7 years ago!) but I'm pretty sure it was below Php1000.00. I just thought of pairing it with my silver colored peep toe heels from Cinderella (C Women) and used my Nine West royal blue purse. Wearing my WAGW acrylic necklace was just a bonus. And I am forever thankful for my Tokyo Posh full wig (Blair) for always making me look more girly than ever.

What do you think of this outftit? Let me know by writing your thoughts in the comments section. Have a great day!

Product Review : OnlineGym4me (plus free trial!)

July 29, 2016

The Budget Fashion Seeker - OnlineGym4me 1

For the past months, I have noticed that I have been living an unhealthy life: eating lots of fast food meals, watching TV for hours (I blame these addicting series haha!) and cooking mostly fried food when I'm in the mood to cook. I know I am not getting any younger and I can really feel that my body feels heavy and I easily get upset stomach. So I told myself, it is already time to make baby steps towards a healthier lifestyle. I was able to do my first step, which is to incorporate fruits in my daily food intake. And so far I am happy that I look for fruits more than I crave for potato chips. I even tried fruit infused water to get me to finish more liters than what I am used to drink. As for my next step, find time to exercise!

Monde Nissin x Uniqlo Press Conference

July 13, 2016

For the first time, Monde Nissin collaborates with Uniqlo to produce limited edition tees featuring designs of iconic Filipino brand, Lucky Me!, and the country’s favorite cookie sandwich, Bingo.
As a Filipino, I always feel happy whenever our local brands are put to highlight due to amazing projects. So imagine my surprise that the products that I grew up with have partnered with another brand that I love: Uniqlo limited tees with Monde Nissin products.

The press conference was held last June 28 by the two companies to unveil their new collaboration of limited edition tees. I got an invite but was not able to attend due to being out of the country. Fortunately, our friends from Greenbulb PR were happy to share what happened during the event. And given the quality of Uniqlo items, I would have love to get one of those Lucky Me! shirts!

Would you find yourself wearing one of these shirts? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section. Great day everyone!
                                    Monde Nissin collaborates with Uniqlo for limited edition tees

Emblazoned with Lucky Me! and Bingo’s distinctive designs, the shirts will be available in Uniqlo stores here and in Southeast Asia.

They've been staples of Pinoys' homes for years. Now two beloved Filipino food brands appear front and center on quality cotton shirts by a global retail giant.

As part of Uniqlo’s South East Asia Corporate Collaboration, Uniqlo and Monde Nissin come together to produce limited edition tees withdesigns of Lucky Me! and Bingo, and be part of Filipino’s lives through their world-class products.

A collaboration between Monde Nissin Corporation and Japanese casual clothing label Uniqlo produced T-shirts carrying the distinctive designs of iconic Filipino brand, Lucky Me!, and the country’s favorite cookie sandwich, Bingo.

Monde Nissin and Uniqlo’s limited edition tees featuring designs of staple Filipino brands Lucky Me! and Bingo will be available in all Uniqlo stores nationwide and in Southeast Asia starting June 27. The shirts retail at P590.00.

“The collaboration between Monde Nissin Corporation and Uniqlo sees the coming together of two companies that have well-loved brands and share the same goal of being part of people's lives through their world-class products,” says Melissa Pabustan, Monde Nissin's Head of Corporate Communications. “For years, Lucky Me! and Bingo have established themselves as favorite food brands.  We are pleased that being part of Uniqlo's South East Asia Corporate Collaboration will allow our consumers here and abroad to enjoy and appreciate Lucky Me! and Bingo in a unique and fun way.”

Through the world-class, limited edition tees brought by the collaboration of Monde Nissin and Uniqlo, Filipino consumers here and overseas can appreciate Lucky Me! and Bingo in a unique and enjoyable way.

“We are very happy about the warm acceptance of Filipinos for Uniqlo since 2012,” says Geraldine Sia, General Manager of Uniqlo Philippines. “As we continue being part of Filipinos’ everyday lives, we share the same joy as we partner with well-loved Filipino household brands Lucky Me! and Bingo. We believe that this partnership will bring Bingo, Lucky Me! and Uniqlo closer to Filipinos.”

(L-R): Uniqlo Philippines General Manager, Geraldine Sia and Monde Nissin Philippines Head of Corporate Communication, Melissa Pabustan, celebrate the first collaboration of their well-loved brands.

As the leading instant noodle brand in the country, Lucky Me! has been a staple in every Filipino pantry with its wide array of products that are hinged on local flavors sure to appeal to the Filipino taste. The launch of this collaboration coincides with the recent release of the Kantar Brand Footprint Report, with Lucky Me! once again topping the list of fast moving consumer good brands in the Philippines in 2015. Meanwhile, as a catalyst of daily sweet connections, Bingo Cookie Sandwich continues to captivate consumers, especially today’s teens, with its creamy fillings spread between melt-in-your-mouth chocolate cookies, and its distinctively “kilig” commercials.

The limited edition collection will be available in all Uniqlo stores nationwide at PhP 590 each starting June 27. The shirts will also be available in Uniqlo stores in Southeast Asia, including Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Budget Outfit: When in Hong Kong

July 11, 2016

The Budget Fashion Seeker - UNIQLO PH Red Pants

2014 was the year that I finally decided that it was time for me to travel outside the Philippines. I was turning 30 and what I had in mind was to go to 3 countries within the year and imagine how happy I was that I was able to do it! You already knew about my first out of country trip to Singapore given this post. And as for my second trip, I chose Hong Kong!

The Budget Fashion Seeker - UNIQLO PH Red Pants 2

I had fun with my solo trip in Singapore as I was able to roam around in two ways: sightseeing alone and with the company of some friends to places like USS and Marina Bay Sands. But the fact that I my main goal for this vacation was Disneyland, I asked a good friend of mine to if she could accompany me. And I was so happy she did! We had fun during our tour and especially those time spent in Disney and Ocean Park. I would definitely visit Hong Kong again!

The Budget Fashion Seeker - UNIQLO PH Red Pants 3

These photos were from our first day during the city tour when were enjoying the view at the Avenue of Stars. I opted for a comfortable yet chic outfit so I came up with this printed shirt and UNIQLO legging pants that I love so much (I have it in 5 colors!). I just added my handy vest to make it look more stylish. Oh and by the way, I was wearing my Jessica half wig here from Tokyo Posh. You can find all the details of what I am wearing at the end of this post. So what do you think about this look? Happy Monday to all!

The Budget Fashion Seeker - UNIQLO PH Red Pants 4
 Shirt - St. Francis Square Mall - Php100.00 see blog post here
Pants - UNIQLO PH (SM Megamall) - Php590.00 (on sale, was Php990.00)
Vest - Betty, SM Department Store (SM Megamall) see blog post here
Shoes - SM Parisian (SM Dasmariñas) - Php999.75
Bag - Penshoppe (SM Megamall) - Php519.00 (on sale, was Php649.00) see blog post here
Earrings - bought from a pearl shop in Palawan - Php20.00
Hair Extension - Tokyo Posh (Rockwell) - Php2400.00 (discount c/o BDJ Planner, was Php2950.00) see blog post here

Media Advisory: Makati Block Party on July 3

July 1, 2016

Good news for this weekend! I got this information about Makati Block Party from Greenbulb. If you are near Makati area or just interested to check the event, click this post to read more details! Happy Friday!

Post Event: Color Manila Blacklight Run

June 30, 2016

Hi there everyone! Just want to share this post event article I got from our friends from GreenBulb about Color Manila Blacklight Run last May 28. The event looks awesome based on these photos1 Too bad I was not able to join it. Maybe in the next run I will.

How about you? Did anyone of you participate the event?:)


Thousands of runners color the streets of Alabang Last May 28 for the CM Blacklight Run

Thousands of runners colorfully illuminated the night as Color Manila held their Blacklight Run last May 28, 2016, at Filinivest City, Alabang. The one-of-a-kind night run treated around 8,000 runners to a night of colors, music, and fun.

Inspired by India’s Holi Festival, Color Manila brought the fun to the Philippines and began mounting color-inspired races in 2013, getting bigger and bigger every year. For the CM Blacklight Run, the team used special colored powder which illuminate when put under the blacklight, giving participants during the race an even more exciting running experience.  

“We wanted to allow people to have clean active fun. Running is for everyone and we just want everyone to experience the real fun in a fun run,” shares Justine Cordero, Vice President of Color Manila.

But the fun didn’t stop when participants crossed the finish line. The CM Blacklight Run proved to be just more than your usual fun run. A race and party rolled into one, participants partied together to the beats of DJ Katsy Lee during the afterparty and Color Festival.

Missed all the fun last Saturday? Watch out for the next Color Manila Run happening in October. “We’ll be having another race before the end of the year. We want to keep encouraging everyone to get into running so we find different ways to make it fun. This October, we’ll be having the Costume Run, so that’s definitely a race we want everyone to be excited about,” ends Jay Em, President of Color Manila.

**All photos are from GreenBulb Public Relations
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