StyleWe Clearance Sale: Stylish Mini Dresses below $35

Remember my post about This chic shop has ongoing Flash Sale again and if you visit their website, you would really fall in love with the dresses they sell! You might say that their products are so pricey, but don't forget that these items were made by independent designers who pt their heart to the creations. And for this post, I am showcasing my top three picks, which are all under $35.00!

Casual Printed Short Sleeve Organza Mini Dress

I love how feminine the overall design of this dress is. With those butterflies graphics and those cute flowers stitched on it. Pair it with fab shoes and bag in solid color (green on this pic) then you are all set! Price: $34.00

White Woven Short Sleeve Crew Neck A-line Mini Dress

I've always loved a white top / printed bottom combo and this dress just did it! It was a plus that the dominant color is blue, which is my fave. Aside from the intricate design on the white cloth, I love that they put the same design of the skirt to the neckline and sleeves.

White Sweet Printed Two Piece Crew Neck Mini Dress

Another dress that has a nicely designed bodice. And I find the metal / pearl accent cute, too! I imagine myself wearing it on a day I feel playful and be a kid again given the balloon designs on the skirt. Price: $33.00.

There are still lots of gorgeous dresses in this link so be sure to visit their site. And if you have more budget, why don't you check their other collections? You might find something you would end up liking such as this red dress above. And do let me know your thoughts on my top 3 picks. Have a great day!

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