It's Officially Winter (And My First Snow Experience)!

 The Budget Fashion Seeker - It's Officially Winter  (And My First Snow Experience)
Being born in a tropical country, I have always been curious and interested to experience winter. I love how it looks on photos and in movies, especially when they highlight Christmas time. I am in awe of how magical a place looks with white snow all over. My only major concern: I easily get cold since i got a bit older.

It was November last year when I had a chance to experience snow for the first time. And that moment became more memorable given that I was with a special someone. It was during our road trip to Lake Dillon, Colorado, a place that we love visiting if we want to be away from the city. As you can see at the photo above, I am totally unprepared that time. I knew Colorado weather is colder than usual but during my visit, I only packed Fall-friendly clothes ( it was mid November). The road trip was also unplanned but all in all, I had a great time and the view of the mountain is breathtaking! Certainly one of the things that I love in this state. I have only tried snow tubing so far (which I will share on this blog soon), but we are talking about skiing or snowboarding this time around. And I hope eventually, I will be able to post more winter-appropriate outfit photos that are of course Budget Seeker approved! Too bad it is not evident in the photo but the fleece hoodie that I was wearing that time is super fluffy. I love how it feels when I wear them. I am now wishing I still brought it with me this year.
Are you all done with your holiday preparation? Hope you are enjoying the season so far (Christmas is in few days!) and I will talk to you guys again. Have a great day!

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