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For the past months, I have noticed that I have been living an unhealthy life: eating lots of fast food meals, watching TV for hours (I blame these addicting series haha!) and cooking mostly fried food when I'm in the mood to cook. I know I am not getting any younger and I can really feel that my body feels heavy and I easily get upset stomach. So I told myself, it is already time to make baby steps towards a healthier lifestyle. I was able to do my first step, which is to incorporate fruits in my daily food intake. And so far I am happy that I look for fruits more than I crave for potato chips. I even tried fruit infused water to get me to finish more liters than what I am used to drink. As for my next step, find time to exercise!

I used to walk to and from the office before, which translate to 40mins of brisk walking everyday. Now that there were major changes in my life (I haven't shared this part with you yet but I will soon!) and so my entire day just revolve around the house. And if you have a lot of free time at hand, sometimes you don't even know what you wan to focus on. I tried looking for Youtube videos of exercise you can do at home but easily get distracted. So imagine, how timely it was when I got an email from Rachel, inviting me for a free trial of their online gym:

What is OnlineGym4me?
It is a website that aims to bring fitness to people that have busy schedule or more comfortable to do their own exercise routines at homes anytime they want. They offer gym classes live, which makes you feel like you are physically training inside a gym, then they will upload these classes for those that were not able to attend the live classes. This is what is said in their About Us section:

"OnlineGym4me changes the way people exercise!
Founded by T4me Ltd OnlineGym4me is an online platform offering sports enthusiasts across the globe the ability to exercise and stay active via live and recorded online classes.
Our platform is for people who want to stay active anytime, anywhere and have fun at the same time. Our role is to offer our users effective online classes with professional sports trainers and sports instructors. Online Gym4me makes exercising convenient, effective, affordable, and fun for our users.
With a secure payment system, personal customer service, and a growing community of users, OnlineGym4me is the easiest way for people to exercise anywhere, anytime!"

What are the benefits of using OnlineGym4me? why should i pay instead of going to videos online that are free?
I have been using it the past days and so far, I like the idea that they will give you list of suggested classes according to the needs you mentioned on your profile. They will also send you an email reminding you of your scheduled routines. As i see it, online gym really targets those people that are serious with their fitness regimen but want to train on their own time and place as you can access the website via your smartphones and tablets. They offer new classes every now and then so you will be updated each time. You can also suggest to their team if you are interested in learning other classes that they haven't offered. And it is just $4.90 per month! You can check their pricing here.

If you want to know more about OnlineGym4me or better yet try their classes for free, you can sign up using this link. Let me know if you tried joining their site? Maybe we can train at the same time. Have a great day!

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  1. oh!! this is cool! ill try this one of these days..
    btw, dont you get bored naman? fun naman sya?


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