Beach Outfit: Neon in the Water

May 17, 2014

Thanks to scheduled posts of Blogger, I am able to have an update today even if I am now with my friends enjoying the beach of Puerto Galera. Us girls have already planned this since we had dinner last April and we were all excited for the reason that this is our second outing prior to our first one last 2010. That was four years already! I miss this pretty girls since they were the ones who inspired me to travel more (even solo). They are a bunch of well-traveled girls and my list of visited places will look nothing compared to theirs. And I am totally happy to be reunited with them. I will post about our trip soon but for now, I'm sharing with you the beach outfit that I wore during our family reunion at Villa Malinao, Pansol, Laguna.

Remember my post about the swimsuits I bought from Nudo Swimwear (read here)?I decided to bring with me the Lime Royal pair. I knew that it would match the skater skirt that I recently bought from St. Francis Square Mall so it was the ensemble that I wore for the outing. And because I wanted to be matchy-matchy that day, I used my neon earrings from Forever 21 and these slippers from Nutmeg. And don't you just think that wearing my Ebi Chan half wig (Tokyo Posh) added that mermaid touch? Haha! Anyway I may not look as much as a mermaid but I still am happy with how the entire outfit came out in the photos. What do you guys think?

I hope you are all having a fun weekend. Have a great day!

swimsuit Php900 for 2 pairs - Nudo Swimwear
skirt Php250 - St. Francis Square Mall
slippers - Nutmeg
cuff - St. Francis Square Mal
earrings - Forever 21

Black and White Peep Toe Heels from Payless Shoe Source

May 16, 2014

I was doing my best not to buy shoes especially heeled ones this year, but then during one of those nights when I just browse my Instagram account nonstop, I saw this gorgeous pair from Payless Shoe Source account. I told myself to wait for few days, thinking that I might forget about buying it. Turned out that I was not able to resist it though haha! So here was my first shoe purchase for 2014: peep toe heels from Fioni line. Don't you just love the design? I can already imagine using it at work or even at a night out with friends. It only costs Php1250.00 by the way. 

And it is Friday again! I still can't believe that we are almost halfway of this year. There are still a lot of things in my list that I have to do and I hope I can manage to fulfill them before the year ends. Hopefully all things will work out eventually. I still have some few trips too so I'm also excited about them. Anyone one here who are still having summer escapade for May? A fun Friday to everyone!

Price: Php1250.00

Budget Outfit: Roses are Red

May 14, 2014

top : 100 + pants : 375  = Budget Outfit: Php475.00! 

Summer has unleashed my love for colors and prints and I have been doing a lot of mixing and matching with the clothes that I bought for this quarter. For today, I decided to wear something with a garden feel: hence the roses on my top and the green colored pants. I even wore my flower earrings! Anyway, if you read my previous post, this is one of the Php100.00 tops I featured. I can still think of other bottoms I can match it with, the very reason why I love printed clothes. You can never run out of ideas as long as it has lots of colors on it. And since I am on a summer outing, I opted to use my ever reliable slippers from Payless Shoe Source. I'm actually almost using it everyday and I am just counting on the quality of this brand so I can use this pair for a long time. I know Payless Shoe Source will not disappoint.

I am again wearing my wig from Tokyo Posh and I think it was just a nice addition for that girly look given the vibe of my outfit. This is a half wig and again it is called Ebi Chan. And by the way, a friend of mine just bought one when she saw one of my outfit post wearing it! and I'm glad she was happy with her purchase. We will be using this on our all girls summer getaway this weekend so I'm really excited! I'll post photos soon so make sure to visit again. Have a great day!

printed top Php100.00 - St. Francis Square Mall
pants Php375.00 (sale) - SM Department Store (Megamall)
slippers Php495.00 - Payless Shoe Source (Shangri-la Mall)
bag - EGG
earrings Php20.00 - Vente Shop

Printed Shirts from St. Francis Square Mall (Php100.00 each)

May 12, 2014

I already mentioned in my past posts that I'm into buying shirts that are only Php100.00 each. Those that I bought last year were plain ones so I was really happy that I got to score these shirts with cute prints! I bought them from a different stall but they are still priced the same way: Php100.00 each and they fit small to medium frame. I will post one outfit tomorrow, which I wore during our family reunion  so I hope you drop by again.

So how did you spend Mother's Day? My family and I decided to just have dinner at a nearby restaurant to enjoy catching up while eating good food. I only see them during weekends (that is if I don't have a scheduled trip or event) so I try to maximize the time I spend with them. I also gave my mother  small fudge cake and balloon and small bear from Hugs and Folds and then a card with messages from the entire family. For me I only did a small thing to surprise her and yet she already cooked me a yummy meal the next day. My mother is really the best! I hope you were able to make your moms feel special too in your own creative ways.  More importantly, let us try to show them (and other family members) that we love them even in ordinary days. Have a great Tuesday everyone!

The Budget Fashion Seeker Greets all the Moms Happy Mother's Day!

May 11, 2014

I just want to take this opportunity to greet all the super moms out there, especially those that are very dear to me (relatives, friends and colleagues). Happy Mother's Day to all of you! I salute you for doing a job well done in raising your children. It takes a lot of effort and sacrifice to take that very difficult role and yet you were all able to do it amazingly. May all of you be blessed as you continue to be the best gift ever to the people that you loved. 

And will I ever forget to mention the most important woman in my life? So to my mother, Mama Lucy, thank you so much for always taking care of us. You've been there with me through my ups and downs and you have given me the freedom to choose the things that makes my life happy. I love you and I will do my best to give you and our entire family a comfortable life. Happy Mother's Day! Love you!

Crocs Epic Sale goes to Alabang! (as low as Php199.00)

May 8, 2014

Great news to all Crocs fans out there especially those who live in the south)! Crocs will be having an epic sale this coming May 16-18 at Filinvest Tent and some of the selected Crocs products will be sold for as low as Php199.00. Not bad right? You can learn more about Crocs sale dates by reading their press release below. Have a great day!

Crocs Announces Epic Sale Dates

Crocs fans, you are in for a treat this summer! The worlds favorite comfort shoe brand is set to have an Epic Sale Event from May 16 to 18, 2014 at the Filinvest Tent in Alabang, Muntinlupa City. Its a Crocs sale unlike any other and more than what youve experienced before! The anticipated sale of the season will surely bring smiles to loyal fans as it offers up to 90% off on a wide selection of styles.

Citibank cardholders are invited to join the exclusive preview sale on May 15, 2014.

Crocs is making this event more special with a contest on Facebook where fans will be given the chance to win VIP Passes as a way of saying thank you for the support theyve shown in the past seven years.

Aside from the Alabang sale, you can also head down to SM Dasmari├▒as and Studio of Riverbanks Center in Marikina on May 29-June 1 to enjoy even more markdowns. Stay tuned as Crocs announces more dates!

For more information on the contest, other promos, and announcements, simply like Crocs Philippines on Facebook and follow @crocsph on Instagram and Twitter.

Budget Outfit: Yellow Summer (Look #2)

May 6, 2014

The second look is mainly about doing one simple thing: tie the front of the blouse into a knot. You might think that it doesn't seem to change the overall look of the entire outfit, but for someone who is a a fan of cropped top, that simple knot made a big difference. It made the look more beach-friendly to my eyes, adding that extra oomph to the once regular looking blouse when worn.

Does anyone notice the color of my lips in the photos? I was wearing a pink matte lipstick from BYS and so far, I still have this 50-50 mindset about this product. I really like the shade since I'm fond of pink hues for lippies but then this product is not really glide-friendly. I have to dab it to my lips little by little just so I can color my entire lips. I still like how it looks in the photos though haha! This lipstick costs Php299.00 by the way. I hope all of you are enjoying the month of May so far. Things are becoming more and more interesting as for me and I hope everything will fall into place in the right time (I hope I can share them with you soon). Have a great day everyone!

Budget Outfit: Yellow Summer (Look #1)

May 5, 2014

Remember the leggings pants I bought from Uniqlo(read here)? Here's an OOTD post of a look I came up with last Saturday during our family reunion. I know I still have a lot of pending posts but then I wanted to show this set to you immediately due to the fact that I love how the photos turned out. Thanks again for my sisters who are very nice to always agree to be my photographers. We only used my phone for this set by the way. 

The top that I wore was actually bought in Daet. I was there the entire holy week and my friend Jen and made an impulsive shopping trip to UNO and upon seeing this blouse, I knew right away that it would look perfect with my Uniqlo pants. I did not hesitate on buying it since it only costs Php229.75. I also thought of having Look #2 for this combo that I will be posting tomorrow. 

So for the entire look, I just let yellow and white do the trick in terms of the accessories to make the print of the blouse the main focus of the outfit. Good thing I have my ever reliable white sunglasses from Dickies, cuff and ring from St. Francis, then finish the look with my latest slippers from Payless Shoe Source. The colors might have highlighted how tan I am right now but I am still happy with the overall feel of the outfit. Do you share the same view *wink*?

So how are you all doing? The heat in Manila is becoming more and more intolerable that I just want to go to the beach again! Good thing my girl friends and I are planning another one next week so I'm really excited for that one. Never mind if this is going to set another record for my most tan year haha! I just can't resist saying yes when friends invite me for a beach trip. I'll post pictures of my past outings soon I promise. Though first, watch out for Yellow Summer Look #2. Have a great day!

top Php229.75 - UNO (Daet)
pants Php290.00 (sale) - Uniqlo

Budget Outfit = 519.75

slippers Php495.00 - Payless Shoe Source
sunglasses Php350.00 (50% off) - Dickies
cuff Php50.00 - St. Francis Square Mall
ring Php50.00 - St. Francis Square Mall
earrings Php20.00 - Vente Shop

Slippers from Payless Shoe Source Php495.00 each

May 1, 2014

Hi everyone! I know I have not been sharing any new pairs of shoes since I am trying really hard not to succumb to temptation of buying new ones. I think for the past four months, I only got weak once when I bought a black and white pair of peep toe heels from Payless Shoe Source too. I will share a photo of that one but for now let me show you the latest pair that I have been using (abusing? haha!). Since the start of summer, I have been checking stores for a nice slippers that I can wear for my different beach outing. I am not fond of bringing shoes when I am on a trip since it will take a lot of space in my travel bag so I prefer such slippers. And I was happy that I got these babies! They are available in other colors but I opted for these white and yellow ones. I have been really drawn to yellow and white these days so you might see more items in these colors in my future posts.

How did you spend Labor Day? Like I said in my post yesterday, I was just at home (my parent's house) and just spent the entire time bonding with them. I am actually on leave right now since we are also having a mini reunion with our relatives from the father side. It is just an overnight swimming trip in one of those private pool resort in Laguna but I am looking forward to see my cousins  as well as my aunts and uncles.  Hopefully we will all have a great time together. Hope you are all having a great day so far. I am totally excited with what will unfold this May. A fun Friday to all!

The Famous LABORacay Weekend

Laboracay 2011
First of all I want to clear that I am not in Boracay right now. I am just at the confines of our house, checking my accounts on different social media as I see tons of photos and status about people enjoying the epic beach for the famous #LABORacay week.

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