The Famous LABORacay Weekend

Laboracay 2011
First of all I want to clear that I am not in Boracay right now. I am just at the confines of our house, checking my accounts on different social media as I see tons of photos and status about people enjoying the epic beach for the famous #LABORacay week.

Laboracay 2013

Boracay may not have been my top choice in terms of my list of beautiful Philippine beaches, but no one can deny that the place has its own charm. And the fact that you can just choose any hotel based on your liking that provide different amenities and possible activities still make a top tourist destination for most people. I myself is planning on doing a side trip next year around January since I already booked a promo flight thanks to Airasia. Walking solo on its long white sand shore is something that I enjoyed the last time I was there.

For those of you who have been visiting my blog since last year, I wrote a lot five posts to document my Laboracay experience last year (Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5). That was actually my second time to experience the epic week (I was also there Laboracay 2011) and I think that the place gets more crowded every year. Just today I saw in the news that the visitors that were there in Boracay went up to 50,000 people (10,000 are foreigners). All flights that make the island accessible were all booked as said in the news (Caticlan, Kalibo, Iloilo and Capiz). I had a good time during those two instances. Though most of the time, people go there to have a good time by partying all night.

So how do you enjoy Laboracay? First of all, know manage your expectation. That week is all about big parties hosted by different companies and events group. Key there is to have fun with your friends and if you are not into drinking, just buy non-alcoholic drinks but still enjoy the night. You are after all, with your good friends. It can be a good opportunity to meet new people too like what happened to me last year. Feel free to have your photos taken too if you bump into certain celebrities you like (I had photo with Mike Cardona and Sam YG last year haha!)

In case you are not into partying, there are still other activities that you can try while you are in Boracay. There are lots of fun things like Fly Fish, Zorb, ATV, Helmet Diving and Parasailing to name few that you can avail. You can get them by checking with the hotel that you are staying at or even to the locals that are offering them, which you can spot along the beach. These activities normally range from Php500-Php1000+ per person.

And last but not the least do a food trip! There are lots of delicacies and famous restaurants that you can explore while in the island so you might want to create a list for the different meal time that you will have there. 

You can always check online photos of the place just to satisfy your curiosity with the happenings in Laboracay week. Or better yet, you might want to visit the island during off-peak season. That is what I am planning to do next time since I experienced my me-time on the last day of my stay last year. Anyway I hope you were able to maximize the holiday and in case you are in Boracay now, may you have fun and create lots of memories with your friends. Take care everyone!


  1. I'm with you. Boracay is beautiful, yes. But I prefer more peaceful beaches. But as far as convenience goes, boracay is top choice. You can literally just bring yourself and money, and you can buy everything you need there.

    PS. Love your orange suit.

  2. I love your bikini. It looks so good on you and complements your skin. I hope you enjoyed your weekend there. You must have done a lot of partying.


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