Beach Outfit: Neon in the Water

Thanks to scheduled posts of Blogger, I am able to have an update today even if I am now with my friends enjoying the beach of Puerto Galera. Us girls have already planned this since we had dinner last April and we were all excited for the reason that this is our second outing prior to our first one last 2010. That was four years already! I miss this pretty girls since they were the ones who inspired me to travel more (even solo). They are a bunch of well-traveled girls and my list of visited places will look nothing compared to theirs. And I am totally happy to be reunited with them. I will post about our trip soon but for now, I'm sharing with you the beach outfit that I wore during our family reunion at Villa Malinao, Pansol, Laguna.

Remember my post about the swimsuits I bought from Nudo Swimwear (read here)?I decided to bring with me the Lime Royal pair. I knew that it would match the skater skirt that I recently bought from St. Francis Square Mall so it was the ensemble that I wore for the outing. And because I wanted to be matchy-matchy that day, I used my neon earrings from Forever 21 and these slippers from Nutmeg. And don't you just think that wearing my Ebi Chan half wig (Tokyo Posh) added that mermaid touch? Haha! Anyway I may not look as much as a mermaid but I still am happy with how the entire outfit came out in the photos. What do you guys think?

I hope you are all having a fun weekend. Have a great day!

swimsuit Php900 for 2 pairs - Nudo Swimwear
skirt Php250 - St. Francis Square Mall
slippers - Nutmeg
cuff - St. Francis Square Mal
earrings - Forever 21

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