Budget Outfit: Yellow Summer (Look #2)

The second look is mainly about doing one simple thing: tie the front of the blouse into a knot. You might think that it doesn't seem to change the overall look of the entire outfit, but for someone who is a a fan of cropped top, that simple knot made a big difference. It made the look more beach-friendly to my eyes, adding that extra oomph to the once regular looking blouse when worn.

Does anyone notice the color of my lips in the photos? I was wearing a pink matte lipstick from BYS and so far, I still have this 50-50 mindset about this product. I really like the shade since I'm fond of pink hues for lippies but then this product is not really glide-friendly. I have to dab it to my lips little by little just so I can color my entire lips. I still like how it looks in the photos though haha! This lipstick costs Php299.00 by the way. I hope all of you are enjoying the month of May so far. Things are becoming more and more interesting as for me and I hope everything will fall into place in the right time (I hope I can share them with you soon). Have a great day everyone!

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  1. I like the matching collar with yellow trousers, it's super pretty! :) Hope you're having a great start of May. xx Maja


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