Printed Shirts from St. Francis Square Mall (Php100.00 each)

I already mentioned in my past posts that I'm into buying shirts that are only Php100.00 each. Those that I bought last year were plain ones so I was really happy that I got to score these shirts with cute prints! I bought them from a different stall but they are still priced the same way: Php100.00 each and they fit small to medium frame. I will post one outfit tomorrow, which I wore during our family reunion  so I hope you drop by again.

So how did you spend Mother's Day? My family and I decided to just have dinner at a nearby restaurant to enjoy catching up while eating good food. I only see them during weekends (that is if I don't have a scheduled trip or event) so I try to maximize the time I spend with them. I also gave my mother  small fudge cake and balloon and small bear from Hugs and Folds and then a card with messages from the entire family. For me I only did a small thing to surprise her and yet she already cooked me a yummy meal the next day. My mother is really the best! I hope you were able to make your moms feel special too in your own creative ways.  More importantly, let us try to show them (and other family members) that we love them even in ordinary days. Have a great Tuesday everyone!


  1. I love buying shirts that are 100 pesos each or even less especially when I'm in Divisoria. They're selling two shirts for 180 pesos and that's a great deal.

  2. I also am a frequent in St. Francis Mall :) BTW, saw your link from GirlTalker so I've followed your blog.. hope you can check mine TisCharmedLife as well. :)

  3. if ever , can u print on shoes ??


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