Quest for Beach Slippers (Juice, Nutmeg, Isla7107)

October 30, 2013

You are all aware of my love for shoes. But since I am a traveler who love the water, beach slippers are one of my travel essentials. Hence, I have this constant habit of buying new beach slippers whenever I find cute pairs. Just look at the two pairs that I recently bought from Robinsons Galleria: blue and white one from Isla7107 (Php129.75); and green and white from Nutmeg (Php100.00) . Aren't they adorable? And they are budget-friendly too! I am now more excited to prepare my things for our out of town trip this November and I will be bringing these two babies withe me.

The last two pairs of slippers actually my sisters'. They were the ones who picked those designs and I am not really sure who influenced them with the mustache style. I've seen rings and shirts with the design before, maybe I was just not into it so I am wondering where they get the inspiration. Erika (already in high school) is even asking me to buy her a necklace with a mustache pendant. I like the colors of the slippers though. We bought them at Php99.75 each.

It's going to be another long weekend! Have you already planned where or how to spend those three days? I'm pretty sure most of us are scheduled to watch Thor this weekend (or some of you have watched it already) and I can't wait to see Chris Hemsworth on the big screen again! Let us all give our best at work tomorrow then get the vacation that we deserved over the weekend. Have a great day everyone!

Solemate's Latest Collection

October 29, 2013

Hello everyone! How was your long weekend? Since I just had a long vacation two weeks ago, I just decided to spend the weekend with my family. It's been two weeks since the last time I went home so I had lots of stories and things to share with them. 

We also had an early shopping for Christmas. My family still had that annual tradition of buying pamasko (clothes for Christmas) since we still have young ones at home (I have two little sisters) and I always feel good whenever I shop items that they will wear. It's like playing dress-up game for 5 people! Haha! But what made me happy this time was that even though I give them suggestions, they were the ones who really picked the items. And I like their choices! Even the ones my mother picked (normally my mother and I clash with our fashion styles). I will try to share photos of some of the things that we bought that day. But for this post, I will focus on the latest collection of flats that I saw from Solemate. 

SM Department Store has already provided a bigger section for Solemate flats. I remember that they only have 2-3 racks before, but now their collection have grown that they were arranged per color already. Below are some of the photos I took inside the store. There are still other colors available that I remembered from the collection but my phone was already battery empty that I did not have photos of them anymore (there's yellow, green and army collection). I am thinking of buying a pink one to replace my pink flats that I bought three years ago but I still am budgeting my money (end of the month payroll is always crucial to me). Hopefully I can buy one since I love how that shade of pink resembles that of Barbie. The red ones are also cute, too bad I already bought my sister a pair from Payless Shoe Source (which I will be sharing on my next post). There will be a pre-season sale starting tomorrow so you might want to check that out if SM Advantage card will again have an additional 10% for the total price of your shopping bag. Hope the photos will be of help to those who haven't got the time to check the latest design. Great day to all!

Revisiting the Ruins (Bacolod)

October 28, 2013

This is one place in Bacolod that I will never get tired of visiting: The Ruins in the town of Talisay. It is a mansion owned by Lacson family, which was burned during Japanese occupation. Since the owners of the mansion were rich, the materials that were used were world class, hence the foundation was left standing and only the wood parts were burned. Thanks to one of the descendants of Don Mariano Lacson who decided to open it to the public that people are able to see how majestic the mansion really is. It has been 5 years since they made it a tourist spot in Bacolod. There was even a couple who are doing prenuptial photos when we were there and I think it was a good venue for that purpose. And by the way, The Ruins mansion is already 93 years old and hopefully I can visit there on its centennial year!

Regarding my outfit, as I have said yesterday in my post, I was initially intending to wear my floral maxi dress for this place. But since our plan of visiting the mansion after Mambukal got cancelled, I decided to wear this printed dress instead. I bought this in one of the stalls inside Market! Market! Taguig and I love wearing this with belts. That day, I opted to pair it with my off white belt and bracelet to match the prints on the dress. This dress only costs Php350.00 by the way. What do you think of the outfit then?

I only have last batch of photos from this trip and I hope you have appreciated the photos that I shared so far. Our long weekend has already ended and tomorrow will be a busy day again. To those who have deadlines like me for this week, let us hope that we get to finish our tasks even if we only have three days to work. Let us all focus on being productive then. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and have a great day!

 The King and I

One With Nature (Going to Mambukal in a Maxi Dress)

October 27, 2013

It was our second day when our group decided to go to Mambukal. I initially didn't plan to go with them to this place since I've already been there during my first visit to Bacolod. It was even evident given what I wore: my floral maxi dress from Petit Monde, which I bought last year for only Php600.00 (with 50% discount). I've been saving this dress for something special like a nice resort or something similar when I thought of bringing it with me in Bacolod for The Ruins. If you are not familiar with that famous structure, The Ruins is a big mansion in Talisay, Bacolod, which was owned by the Lacson Family. I will share photos of that mansion in one of my posts, but if you have time to google it, you will understand why I find this dress very suitable for photo opportunity in that place.

Going back to Mambukal, I can say that I did not regret going there with my new found friends. We all had a good time eating our lunch there (picnic style!) as well as taking pictures.  We also had non stop sharing of jokes and stories with each others, making it feels like we had known each other for long time already. 

After lunch, we all agreed to go on a little hiking to see some of the falls (Mambukal is known to have 7 falls). This was the part of Mambukal that is new to me since I did not do this the last time I was there. Too bad I was not really prepared physically and given my outfit so I only had a chance to go up to the third one. Below are some of the photos that I took using my phone during our hike. The girls were even teasing me that my dress made me looked like a diwata (fairy) and we all had a good laugh about it. Well at least I felt that I was one with nature during that time, right? :)

I already miss being on another town. My next trip is scheduled one month from now and that will be an exciting one too since it involves island hopping and water activities, which are really my favorite. I'll definitely share lots of photos of that trip. Anyway, I hope everyone is still enjoying their long weekend. And to those who will vote tomorrow, always be alert with your surrounding and vote wisely. Good day to all!

The Colorful Street Dance of Masskara Festival 2013

October 26, 2013

It was a sunny morning last October 18, the day I arrived in Bacolod from the port. I came from my 2-day visit in Iloilo that time so I chose to ride a Supercat Ferry on my way to the city that I'm already familiar with. Yes, this trip was already my second time in Bacolod since my family and I had a vacation there two years ago. I just wanted to go this time so I can finally see the most talked about Masskara Festival. And I was really happy that I did! The entire city transformed into a big venue where everyone, may it be local or visitor, were all in the mood to celebrate and have merrymaking throughout the day (most especially during the night). The plaza that I knew became the main venue for the most sought Street Dance and it was actually the event that I was looking forward.

I apologize for bombarding you with lots of photos, but I really wanted to share them with you so you could see how creative and awesome these dancers were that time. This was even the day for the Kids/Students Category and I can say that they were really that amazing when it comes to their dance moves. All of the participants only used one song the entire time, so it was only a matter of competing for their creativity in terms of costumes and theme, and their dance steps. It was so hot that afternoon that I salute these kids for they kept on dancing the entire time, still giving their best until they reach the venue for their final dance, which was the plaza. They even accommodate every person that wanted to take photos with them during the parade and even while they were falling in line for the final performance. You could really feel the pride and happiness they feel to be part of this prestigious event and I can't help but feel happy for them too! I already forgot which group won the competition but for me they were all winners, so to all participants of the Street Dance, big congratulations to all of you. 

I still have lots of photos from my Bacolod trip and I will be sharing some of them these coming days so hope you'll visit The Budget Fashion Seeker again. Have a great day everyone!

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