Revisiting the Ruins (Bacolod)

This is one place in Bacolod that I will never get tired of visiting: The Ruins in the town of Talisay. It is a mansion owned by Lacson family, which was burned during Japanese occupation. Since the owners of the mansion were rich, the materials that were used were world class, hence the foundation was left standing and only the wood parts were burned. Thanks to one of the descendants of Don Mariano Lacson who decided to open it to the public that people are able to see how majestic the mansion really is. It has been 5 years since they made it a tourist spot in Bacolod. There was even a couple who are doing prenuptial photos when we were there and I think it was a good venue for that purpose. And by the way, The Ruins mansion is already 93 years old and hopefully I can visit there on its centennial year!

Regarding my outfit, as I have said yesterday in my post, I was initially intending to wear my floral maxi dress for this place. But since our plan of visiting the mansion after Mambukal got cancelled, I decided to wear this printed dress instead. I bought this in one of the stalls inside Market! Market! Taguig and I love wearing this with belts. That day, I opted to pair it with my off white belt and bracelet to match the prints on the dress. This dress only costs Php350.00 by the way. What do you think of the outfit then?

I only have last batch of photos from this trip and I hope you have appreciated the photos that I shared so far. Our long weekend has already ended and tomorrow will be a busy day again. To those who have deadlines like me for this week, let us hope that we get to finish our tasks even if we only have three days to work. Let us all focus on being productive then. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and have a great day!

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