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Hello everyone! How was your long weekend? Since I just had a long vacation two weeks ago, I just decided to spend the weekend with my family. It's been two weeks since the last time I went home so I had lots of stories and things to share with them. 

We also had an early shopping for Christmas. My family still had that annual tradition of buying pamasko (clothes for Christmas) since we still have young ones at home (I have two little sisters) and I always feel good whenever I shop items that they will wear. It's like playing dress-up game for 5 people! Haha! But what made me happy this time was that even though I give them suggestions, they were the ones who really picked the items. And I like their choices! Even the ones my mother picked (normally my mother and I clash with our fashion styles). I will try to share photos of some of the things that we bought that day. But for this post, I will focus on the latest collection of flats that I saw from Solemate. 

SM Department Store has already provided a bigger section for Solemate flats. I remember that they only have 2-3 racks before, but now their collection have grown that they were arranged per color already. Below are some of the photos I took inside the store. There are still other colors available that I remembered from the collection but my phone was already battery empty that I did not have photos of them anymore (there's yellow, green and army collection). I am thinking of buying a pink one to replace my pink flats that I bought three years ago but I still am budgeting my money (end of the month payroll is always crucial to me). Hopefully I can buy one since I love how that shade of pink resembles that of Barbie. The red ones are also cute, too bad I already bought my sister a pair from Payless Shoe Source (which I will be sharing on my next post). There will be a pre-season sale starting tomorrow so you might want to check that out if SM Advantage card will again have an additional 10% for the total price of your shopping bag. Hope the photos will be of help to those who haven't got the time to check the latest design. Great day to all!


  1. They sure have a lot of cute shoes! Great new collection! Love the colors! I am happy that you had a great weekend!


  2. Wow.. christmas shopping.. I hope I can do shops na rin,, Lol ^_^

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    x John Setrodipo

  4. OMG WOW so many shoes:-)

  5. Wow! These are better than the last time I checked Solemates. I will surely buy a pair, or two :)


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