One With Nature (Going to Mambukal in a Maxi Dress)

It was our second day when our group decided to go to Mambukal. I initially didn't plan to go with them to this place since I've already been there during my first visit to Bacolod. It was even evident given what I wore: my floral maxi dress from Petit Monde, which I bought last year for only Php600.00 (with 50% discount). I've been saving this dress for something special like a nice resort or something similar when I thought of bringing it with me in Bacolod for The Ruins. If you are not familiar with that famous structure, The Ruins is a big mansion in Talisay, Bacolod, which was owned by the Lacson Family. I will share photos of that mansion in one of my posts, but if you have time to google it, you will understand why I find this dress very suitable for photo opportunity in that place.

Going back to Mambukal, I can say that I did not regret going there with my new found friends. We all had a good time eating our lunch there (picnic style!) as well as taking pictures.  We also had non stop sharing of jokes and stories with each others, making it feels like we had known each other for long time already. 

After lunch, we all agreed to go on a little hiking to see some of the falls (Mambukal is known to have 7 falls). This was the part of Mambukal that is new to me since I did not do this the last time I was there. Too bad I was not really prepared physically and given my outfit so I only had a chance to go up to the third one. Below are some of the photos that I took using my phone during our hike. The girls were even teasing me that my dress made me looked like a diwata (fairy) and we all had a good laugh about it. Well at least I felt that I was one with nature during that time, right? :)

I already miss being on another town. My next trip is scheduled one month from now and that will be an exciting one too since it involves island hopping and water activities, which are really my favorite. I'll definitely share lots of photos of that trip. Anyway, I hope everyone is still enjoying their long weekend. And to those who will vote tomorrow, always be alert with your surrounding and vote wisely. Good day to all!

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