PRESS RELEASE: Setting the New Parenting Standards: First-Time Moms in The New Century

November 10, 2015

Setting the New Parenting Standards: First-Time Moms in The New Century

There is nothing more stressful than being a first-time mom besides being a first-time mom in this century. Advanced technology and social media have catapulted the standards of motherhood into a whole new level that moms all around the world strive to cope up with. But even with the new standards of the modern-day Mom, putting their kids as priority has not changed.

News Release: Coca-Cola Collectors Club makes PH debut in 100th anniversary of the Contour Bottle

November 9, 2015

Manila, Philippines—The Coca-Cola Collectors Club Philippines recently made its debut along the sidelines of the Coca-Cola Bottle Art Tour’s Manila leg last October 2 to 4. Recognized just last January as the local chapter of Coca-Cola Collectors International, the Club currently has about 800 members.

Budget Shopping: Select Comfort (Pillows) and Sleepmaster (Bed Sheet Set)

The Budget Fashion Seeker - Budget Shopping : Select Comfort Pillows

One of the things that you will learn or will develop an interest when you start owning a property (or at least living independently) is to shop things that will enhance your new space. Ever since my family moved to a different house, I have acquired this fascinations to furnitures, appliances and items that will enhance or make the new "crib" comfortable. Living independently for almost half a decade also just leveled it up and so far I can say that for all of my home needs, SM Department Store has been a reliable place. And for today's post, I am sharing with you the two brands that made me happy recently: Select Comfort and Sleepmaster.

UK-Philippine Friendship Day

November 1, 2015 Mandaluyong, Metro Manila, Philippines

Last October 20, I got the chance to attend UK-Philippine Friendship Day event, which is held annually by the Brish Embassy Manila. I've heard of their organization before, but it was only last September that I got interested with to check their Facebook page and saw that they have a lot of events line up for this year and up to early 2016. I chose to start taking part of their entire festival by attending the friendship day. It was held in Makati Shangri-la and the participants enjoyed three-course meal and tickets to the raffle that happened that night. I paid Php2,500 for the event and got five raffle tickets, wherein the grand prize was a trip for two to UK. Etihad was the sponsoring airline by the way.

Belle de Jour Power Planner Popup Store at SM Megamall

October 28, 2015

Aside from buying new pair of eyeglasses from EO last Sunday, I also checked the popup store of Belle de Jour Power Planner so I could buy the latest one (2016) ahead and given a discount. However, there was no more book bound version for the matte printed design, which I prefer, so I decided to just wait until they have the planners in the bookstores. 

I See Red (New Eyeglasses from EO - Executive Optical)

October 26, 2015

I have been wearing eyeglasses since high school. But it was only when I started working that I started to rely on the brand EO - Executive Optical for my eyeglasses and contact lenses. I knew I needed to buy a new one since the latest pair I own has lots of scratches on the lenses already. However, the lazy girl in me always find it as an excuse that it was still usable. Unfortunately, I lost that eyeglasses during my trip in California last August. Then another excuse came about: I still have my pair of contact lenses! Anyway, my excuses were not doing any good as my sleeping pattern are still sometimes off. That means it is not wise to wear them especially if I lack sleep the previous night. So finally, after two months, I headed to SM Megamall and bought this gorgeous pair from EO. 

Fashion Outlet Sale Starts Today! June 5 - 7 (MegaTrade Hall 2)

June 4, 2015

Hello everyone! I know I have been missing again for a long time but I wanted to make it up and as for my first post this June, I would like you all to know that SM Megamall is having another outlet sale for a wide range of brands for Men and Ladies fashion. You can click the link I posted above to see the awesome stores that you will find in Megatrade Hall starting today until Sunday (June 5- 7). Added good news is if you are a BDO cardholder, you can avail of their installment promo with 0% interest as long as you purchased a minimum amount of Php5000. Not bad especially for those that are wanting to update their wardrobe may it be for school or for work. I might check the items later or tomorrow so hope to see some of you there.  Feel free to write your comments  below if you were able to check the sale event. Have a great Friday!

Thank You 2014, Hello 2015!

January 1, 2015

First and foremost I would like to greet everyone a happy new year! I hope all of us had a blast last night may it be by celebrating with your families at home or outside on key locations (malls, parks etc).  And most importantly, that all of us were safe during the festivities. 

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