Belle de Jour Power Planner Popup Store at SM Megamall

Aside from buying new pair of eyeglasses from EO last Sunday, I also checked the popup store of Belle de Jour Power Planner so I could buy the latest one (2016) ahead and given a discount. However, there was no more book bound version for the matte printed design, which I prefer, so I decided to just wait until they have the planners in the bookstores. 

I only took few photos from the popup store in SM Megamall Atrium. They had cute designs of their booth and the first photo showcased all the design since the beginning. I was surprised BDJ is already 10 years old! I only started purchasing this fab planner last 2013 and has been collecting them ever since. I wish I started early though! But all in all, I still consider my involvement to this awesome community as I had attended some events (BDJ Fair, Tres Chic), already since then, and even met good friends too.

I will surely write a blog post once I have bought my copy of the 2016 planner so you will know what to expect before deciding to buy one. and to BDJ, happy 10th year and more power to all of the hardworking people in your team!

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  1. hi sally!! long time! <3 the upcoming cover looks cute! im excited to see the coupons theyll include inside. ooking forward to the reveal :)


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