Singapore Day 1: Universal Studio (Part 2)

Hello everyone! Here are the rest of the photos that I have from my visit to Universal Studio. If you will notice, most of them were from the parade that happened that afternoon and it was fun to see the all the characters walking and waving to the people. I love watching animated movies hence I also enjoyed that part of the day.

Cast of the "Monster Rock"

Remember my outfit post for that day? Below are the photos from that alley that became our instant shoot location. They've really maximized that part and those of you who plan to visit USS should not miss this part.

After we decided to leave the amusement park, we just roamed around outside the area before eating dinner at Food Republic, then going home. Almost all of the areas that we passed by were full of festive decorations. There was even a program in the plaza nearby, but we were already waiting for the train so we only saw it from the station.

So, how are you all doing? Just few more days and we are now on the third month of 2014! I was actually busy these past few weeks that I now have lots of backlogs to post here. You can always follow me on Instagram and Twitter(@imsallymae) if you want to get more updates. I am actually supposed to be in Malaysia today, but something urgent came up that I have to change my plan. Good thing my ticket was only around Php2000.00 (round trip). I'm still praying for something to happen this month and I hope that God will grant it. Is it okay if I request for you to pray for me too? Have a nice day everyone!

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  1. Will be going to Singapore too in October. Will most probably be going to Universal Studios too because of Francine. ^_^


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