Chocolates and Leggings on Valentine's Day

February 14 is one occasion that I look forward to even if I am not in a relationship. i consider this another special day where I get to dress up and be as girly as I wanted to be. And if you have very thoughtful and generous colleagues/friends, you'll be lucky enough to get sweets from them. And being a chocolate lover, these gifts from my teammates really made my day!

Aside from these, I also had the chance to check Uniqlo at Megamall. I initially planned on waking up early to see their promo on their pants, which they sold for Php290.00 (original price was Php990.00). But there were changes in my plan this morning so I ended up visiting the store around 4:00pm. Good thing I was still able to buy two pairs of leggings in pastel colors (those were the only ones left from their promo) and hopefully I can share some outfit posts wearing them. 

I am ending this post with the only photo that I have for today. We just had our regular Friday lunch out although most of the girls wore dresses just to have the Valentine vibe. This is my second Valentine's Day with this very supportive group, my teammates, and I do hope that we will still have lots of occasions to celebrate together. I'd like to thank Renz, Rick and Jun for the yummy chocolates that the girls in the team enjoyed. And Bel for the heart biscuits she personally baked for us! Bait niyo sobra!

I hope you also had a great time and sweet memories today. Any sweet stories you want to share? Happy Valentine's day to all!


  1. wow u have very thoughful colleague :)


  2. Belated heart's day! I never got chocolates or flowers, instead Jellybean gifted me with UniQlo pants, bought from their Crazy Bottom sale. Like you, all he got were the pastel ones for me :)

  3. I wish I could have snagged a pair or two of pants/leggings during that Uniqlo sale. Really sucks living so far away from civilization sometimes. Lol.

  4. aw sweet naman nung teamates mo sis :) belted happy vday to you! :D

  5. Happy Valentine's day! Im intrigued with that note.Why are you a 9?hehe
    Love chocolate,too. Too bad,I didnt get one last valentines.


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