Budget Tips: Using Ferrero Rocher Container as Accessories Organizer

I grew up in a family that has sweet tooth that's why when I saw this on sale in Singapore, I immediately bought it as one of their pasalubong. And since I only see them during weekends, I thought that my mother already threw the container away. But when I came back last Saturday, she showed me this: my new accessories organizer! I normally reuse some containers when they are more on the thick side, so I was surprised that she thought of using it to organize my ring collection. 

And since I found this very helpful, I am now sharing this post so you can also reuse some of the things that you thought should end up in the garbage bin. You can also use such container in organizing your small earrings too. The fun part? you can easily see everything in one glance since the container is transparent. Now I won't go rummaging my old container just to choose what ring to wear for the day. 

Please feel free to share this among your friends if you find it useful. And if you have other ideas that you think is related to this, don;t hesitate to write on the comments section below. Have an awesome day!


  1. wow, neat! brilliant idea! your mom's so sweet and clever. haha! now there's a reason for me to buy ferrero... wahaha EXCUSE e noh! =)


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