Singapore Day 1: Universal Studio (Part 1)

I've been very lucky that my friends Romano and Louj (married couple), who already offered to take me in during my 5-day vacation in Singapore, also picked me up when I arrived at Changi Airport around 1:00 am that day. Prior to my trip, we already planned that my first day would be spent in Universal Studio. It was my first time to visit this theme park so I was really excited that I still woke up early even if we only had few hours of sleep prior to my arrival.

We reached Sentosa by riding train and cab. And few of the places that I couldn't help taking photos were Candy Empire and the Light Seeker banners from Resorts World given that I both love sweets and musical plays. Too bad I was not able to check those two due to time and budget constraints. 

While we were waiting for Louj to get our passes, Romano and I checked this huge Hershey's store just outside USS. It was totally mouthwatering when you get inside given all the chocolates in their racks! I also took a picture with this adorable life-size Reese's.

Upon entering the amusement park, I could already feel the kid in me jumping for joy. It's been a while since the last time I visited such place. And you already knew who I met after just few steps inside the premise: Po of Kung Fu Panda! I even fell in line just to have a photo with that huggable fellow.

We started walking around the place and saw other characters/personalities along the way. My first ever ride was actually Transformers and I was really happy that we tried it first since it was the best ride for me in USS (Galactica was closed for maintenance so this ride ranked number 1 for me). I would definitely ride that again when I visit Singapore again.

I snapped some photos of the toy robots they have in their store. I've been meaning to buy one of this before especially during Toy Kingdom's 70% off on these items. But then I knew I do not have a space for keeping them at home so I let go of the idea. I'm still a big fan of these robots though (love Gundam Wing, Voltes V, Full Metal Panic etc.).

They told me that this is the main attraction of USS. Hopefully when I visit Singapore next time, I will be able to experience this myself.

One of my favorite area in USS is Far Far Away. I watched all Shrek's movies and it was just surreal to see the things that you saw in the movies: the big castle, the characters and other things that will make you feel that you've entered another world. A magical world for that matter.

I kept on singing "I like to move it move it" once we entered Madagascar. I was more fond of the penguins (I love Skipper!) even if the were just minor characters yet the main ones were totally charming too! I enjoyed the ride even if it was more for the young ones (I felt one of them that time haha!).

One of the things that I consider the highlight of my time in USS was the Waterworld Show. I've watched the movie of Kevin Costner so I was familiar with this. But what was amazing was that the entire performance was really all out. They were all doing these incredible stunts that made the show looked so real. They were also good at connecting with the audience too (a lot of people got wet in the process though :p).

It was hard for me to choose the photos that I will include in this set so I decided to do my Singapore Day 1 post into two parts. I know I already bombarded you with lots of photos but I still have more from this batch. Hope you will bear with me? Sharing these images with you makes me feel like I am giving you a pensieve (one of my favorite items in Harry Potter) to view my memory of this trip. Hope you are all doing well. Visit again to see the part two of this post. Have a great day!

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