Shane Filan's Everything to Me Album Tour in Manila (The Podium)

Hello everyone! I know I've mentioned that I'll be writing an entry yesterday regarding Shane's event last Sunday. Unfortunately, I was not able to finalize it since I was busy with work the whole time. Anyway, I'm really excited to tell you my entire experience that day so here it goes.

It was already 11am when I arrived at the Podium that day. I was actually worried since I've been used to events wherein fans line up as early as 6am (or even earlier!) so I was a bit surprised that I only found one girl at the venue. She became an instant friend since we talked a lot about the Skydome event the previous day. I missed that event so I asked her if she could share her experience there with me, especially that she was one of those VVIP ticket holders. She was so lucky to be beside Shane during the photo opportunity! I can totally relate how happy she was since the same experience happened to me, but that was with David Archuleta.

Then after an hour, 2 more girls arrived. And they were all VIP ticket holders! We already talked a lot, even exchanged contact numbers, so I then felt a bit sad given the fact that my ticket was only for the  Gold section. But then they encouraged me to ask the people from Astroplus if I could just upgrade my ticket to VIP. And luckily, they allowed me to do it and I just added Php400.00 for my current ticket. So I was with my new found friends for the entire event, and yes, we were seated in the front row! We were that close to Shane the whole time he was singing.

People were allowed to enter the area around 4pm but Shane arrived at the venue around 3:30pm. He was really early, did some sound check, then left again since there was an opening act before his performance. Then the host, Tina of Magic 89.9 went on the stage and started the program by calling Sabrina, an acoustic singer who is an MCA artist. I heard of her name before but that was the first time that I heard her sing live. All I can say that Sabrina has a good voice quality. She sang effortlessly  and I was even singing along with her when she sang Titanium. I think I might check her songs one time.

Shane performed five songs that time: "Everytime", "You Only Live Once", "What About Now", "About You", and his first single for this album, "Everything to Me". I was able to capture each one of them on video but I couldn't upload them now. I'll try to post an update once they are available here on my blog. As for my opinion of his album, I really like the upbeat songs that were included in this EP. No, I think I like all of the songs in this album so I'm looking forward for the full one this coming November. The official video of "Everything to Me" is already on Youtube (ShaneFilanVEVO) so you might want to check it out.

If you want to get updates about Shane, you may visit his official website, Shane Filan Official and his twitter, If you suddenly began liking him as an artist, you may send me a message and I can refer you to the nice people that I met there.  It will be fun if you can be part of the planning for his next visit. Have a great day!

 The bubbly host, DJ Tina

 Sabrina, The Acoustic Sweetheart

The main man, Shane Filan!

 Shane encouraging the people from the other levels  to sing and clap withhim

He is really good looking! I like the color of his eyes too!

 Hello there Liam (Shane's handler)!

 My signed copy of his album, Everything to Me. His "S" stroke resembles mine haha!

I just settled for a photo with this tarpaulin. Maybe on his next visit, I'll have an actual photo with him already :)


I love to know your thoughts about the things I write here so just feel free to express yourselves below. Have a wonderful day!

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