Budget Outfit: How To Style a Plaid Coat

Budget Outfit: How To Style a Plaid Coat 1

Hi everyone! It is snowing hard this evening in Denver! And since this is the appropriate weather to showcase a cold weather budget outfit, let me share with you a simple style I did with my 5USD plaid coat. Yes! You read it right. I bought this coat for 5USD (250PHP) back in Manila in 5 years ago.

Budget Outfit: How To Style a Plaid Coat 2

I think I bought this particular plaid coat after I came back from my US business trip. I was in New Jersey for four months and since the initial plan that time was I would be home before it gets cold (I arrived in Summer 2014), I was not that prepared in terms of clothing. I did buy few jackets when I was in there, but I thought, why not buy a jacket or a coat that is stylish and affordable when I get back home? Then I saw this eye-catching coat (in plaid with the colors I love) and I was so happy that it was only priced at 5USD! I can't even buy any warm coat like this here in Colorado. I even remember I got lots of compliments when I wore this during my visit in the state around 2015. And they always get surprised when I mention the price tag.

Budget Outfit: How To Style a Plaid Coat 3

So for this budget outfit, I planned on highlighting the plaid coat. To achieve this, I opted for an all white ensemble to go with it. The white top (bought from Kids Section of Target) and jeans that I got from Bench made the look very neat in my eyes, allowing the coat to pop. To complete the look, I chose to wearmyever reliable pair of gray knee length boots from Payless.  
Budget Outfit: How To Style a Plaid Coat 4

What do you guys and gals think? Do you like this budget outfit I came up with (and wear it given a chance)? Please let me know by commenting below. Have a great day!

Budget Outfit: How To Style a Plaid Coat 5

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